• Beauty and the Beast has broken the Disney box office record for the highest opening weekend for a live action remake and made £18.4 million in the UK its opening weekend alone, but what is the cause of its success? Is it profiting on nostalgia or breathing new life into a classic?

  • One day, I was so stressed out from the thought of it all that I sat on my bed and just started crying. Let me tell you, being alone and crying it all out was so refreshing, a stress reliever and very healing! I saw right then and there how well it worked.

  • Essential oils are becoming the new wellness trend and with good reason. It has a ton of wellness benefits that may replace certain medications and toxic household cleaners. Using 100% pure essential oils in your daily routine can have effects on your health, happiness, mental health, the way you sleep, and your beauty routine.

  • The doors that lead to happiness can be harder to find but that is true for a reason. If we constantly walked through doors painted in colors of joy, we wouldn’t appreciate them, would we?

  • Spring has bounced (ahem) into our lives. It’s the season where the world pops up again, refreshed after winter. Even Taylor Magazine, too, was reborn; our lovely new-look website fits with the times better than ever. But, as usual, it got me thinking about books. Just what do us writers do with the season?

  • Some of you may spring clean your closets or your kitchens; if you’re lazy like me, you spring clean playlists. If you’re on the hunt for some new tunes or just a new playlist, hopefully this can help you out.

  • Today, Saturday 22nd of April is Earth day, and although we shouldn’t need a day to think about our planet, it’s a good reminder to reflect on the small ways we can reduce our impact. I’ve definitely not been an environmental saint in the past, but here are three ways I am trying to make a difference now.



    by Taylor Team April 21, 2017

    Feminism. What does that word mean to you? Is it wearing a pretty lace dress to a nice evening occasion? Or is it more than that? Is it a character trait that speaks ‘womanhood’ such as elegance, sophistication, or more specifically, kindness.


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