10 Compliments That Aren’t Physical Or Material

by Abigail Pore
10 Compliments That Aren't Physical or Material

People like being recognised for looking good. We put time and effort into our outfits and makeup, so of course we want someone to notice even if it’s just a compliment about our shoes. But there’s more to a person than their winged eyeliner. I don’t know about you, but I feel shallow if my only compliments to people are on how they look.

Maybe my best friend’s outfit is amazing today and I should tell her that, but she isn’t going to wear that outfit all the time, the outfit isn’t part of her. If you want to start really impacting someone and make their day better, keep reading for compliments that don’t require asking where something was bought.

“The point you made about ______ was really insightful.”

If you’re in a meeting, at work or at school and someone made a really good point, tell them. Even if you don’t agree, that’s something they clearly believe in strongly enough to present and they deserve to be acknowledged. Sometimes just speaking and voicing our opinions can be daunting so compliment someone on their speaking skills.

“You did a great job with that project.”

Did your friend just finish a huge work project? Maybe your brother has been really trying at school? Or is a colleague doing really well with their side project? Everyone has their own projects and tasks to work on and actively encouraging them or recognising their progress afterwards helps heighten their self esteem.

“I’ve noticed that you really excel at ______.”

People are usually taught that talking about their own strengths isn’t acceptable socially. But, confidence building starts with recognition. Maybe your co-worker is really strong in social media, but is always unsure about her photos. Encourage her… maybe that will lead to a new career path she didn’t think was even possible.

“You’re a great friend because ______.”

Why don’t we compliment friendship abilities more? Everyone has days where they feel like they’re not a good friend or that they’re being left behind. It’s important to remind people why they’re appreciated. Adult friendships are special, so being able to tell someone they’re a good friend can mean the world to them.

“You’re so encouraging.”

Everyone has one person in their life that just glows… They’re the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and always have the nicest things to say. Remind them that they’re a blessing to your life and that their words of encouragement are appreciated.

“You make me smile.”

It’s pretty normal for people to want to make other people happy. But, if you’re like me, sometimes that happiness is hard to see expressed. Being able to tell someone that they make you happy tends to help bridge the gap of miscommunication. It also makes them feel better about their own efforts to cheer up others.

“I’m proud of you.”

Who doesn’t like someone being proud of them? Everyone craves approval in some capacity and telling them you’re proud will likely make someone’s day. Even if it’s your friend who you think doesn’t need anyone else’s opinion, hearing someone else rooting them on is encouraging and important.

“You had a really good idea about _____.”

Speaking about someone’s creativity and ideas can change more than just their mood. If your friend is trying to start her side hustle, that encouragement or discouragement could make or break what she does. Be a friend that wants to help grow creativity instead of stifling it.

“You’re really strong for ______.”

Even our strongest friends still need other people. If someone you know is going through a tough time, tell them you see their strength. Even when they aren’t feeling so strong, it could really help remind them that they have the ability to push through and make it out of a tough situation.

“You’re inspiring because ______.”

This is one of my favourite compliments to give. Everyone wants to leave a legacy and feel like they’ve impacted someone else in a positive way. Everyone also looks to others for their own inspiration. If you look up to your friend or aunt or boss, tell her. It’s not kissing up, it’s telling someone they made a real difference in your life. And maybe, you just might make a difference in theirs.

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