10 Must Watch TV Shows For Girls in Their 20’s

by Kirsten McCran

We all have a specific tv show that is our go-to; it’s easy to follow since you’ve watched it 100 times before. It can transport you into a world you love to get lost in for hours on end and it instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. If it’s an old-time favorite, some of us have boxsets on DVD or we can just use VPN services like VPNCompass to safely watch our favorite shows when streaming. Have you thought of yours? Here are my top 10 and what you can learn from them!

1. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is much more than surgeries. With 13 seasons and counting, you can take comfort in knowing your viewing pleasure won’t be over for a very long time. You have 278 episodes to tackle and along the way you can get lost in McDreamy’s eyes, be emotionally involved in countless relationships and the many up’s and down’s of Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial.

By the time you’ve watched it all, you’ll feel like you should be running the surgery board. Move over Dr Webber! Keep tissues close to hand as the emotional rollercoaster Shonda Rimes makes you ride is sure to make your eyes puffy! No matter what you’re going through, nothing will be quite as bad as everything TV land Meredith has survived. You can do it!

2. Gilmore Girls

Stars Hollow is where everyone, including me, wishes they lived. Nothing bad ever happens in the idyllic town and it’s the home to the fast paced mother daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. A show like no other, Gilmore Girls is simple, with no added drama, the show follows the relationships of the Gilmore Girls. Through 7 seasons you’ll learn to keep up the pace, drink a lot of coffee and by the time you’ve finished all 153 episodes, you’ll be talking faster than you’ve ever talked before. A true representation of the guy finally getting the girl, Luke waited years for Lorelai. But if you feel like you need more of a fix ‘A Year in The Life’ will keep you going! I’m living in hope Netflix will add on another couple of new seasons, those last 4 words can’t be the last we hear from “Those Adorable Gilmore Girls”.

3. One Tree Hill (OTH)

187 episodes to fall in love with OTH and trust me, you will! You’ll fall in love with the music, with the Scott brothers, watching their strained relationship evolve while bonding over basketball and the Raven’s, and with Naley (Nathan + Hayley), Tric and Clothes Over Bro’s. Brilliant monologues will hook you from start to finish through all the high school drama, love triangles and the pains of growing up.

There are a few lessons to take away from OTH:
1. Girls really want someone to want them back
2. Please girls, NEVER leave your drink unattended in public
3. Your actions really can affect others
4. Who you were in high school doesn’t matter when you’re out in the real world
5. “Your art matters” enough said!

4. The OC

2017, 10 years since the last episode aired. In 4 seasons the Cohen’s climbed a mountain of drama including crashes, deaths and a stint in rehab. All of this and the sarcasm kept on coming. The OC was the first show I ever watched start to finish, I fell in love with Chrismukkah and the world the characters brought to life. You will never be able to listen to Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah without picturing Kirsten crying in the pool house (or at least I can’t). The OC taught me change is possible (just look at Ryan Atwood), you don’t need a big group of friends in your life as long as you have one you can rely on!

5. Friends

Ah a classic, following 10 years of friendship between between 6 New Yorkers. A famous theme tune that you can’t help sing and clap along to, all 236 times. Joey taught us valuable pick up moves/lines, Rachel taught us how not to make a trifle and graced us with the “Rachel” haircut. Phoebe gave us her beloved Smelly Cat, Chandler supplied us with hundreds of sarcastic one liners and Monica made sure everything was ‘Monica Clean’. Lastly Ross, Monica’s geeky brother provided the world with perhaps the best line of the sitcom, the endless uses for this line have made it iconic. Have you guessed it? … “WE WERE ON A BREAAAAAAK”. In all friendship groups you will have one friend who identifies themselves with one or more of the characters, I myself am a mixture of Monica and Chandler. So who’s your F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

6. Pretty Little Liars (PLL)

The ultimate mind F**K murder mystery, PLL pushes 5 high school girls (and fans) to the extreme but through all 150 episodes, text messages and close calls they’ve managed to stick together. Time and time again the girls have believed they’ve finally caught ‘A’ when another twist appears. The girls can’t seem to escape Rosewood for long before something ‘A’ related pulls them back to town. If Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Alison never stuck together, I’m pretty sure at least one of them would be TV dead… and actually be dead, not the fake dead that we’ve seen the masterminds behind the show try on us over and over again. Will all of the girls ever get their happily ever after excluding the mysterious texts? We’ll have to wait until April to find out, this is of course when series 8.2 will air on Netflix!

7. Gossip Girl

XOXO, the Upper East Side at its very best! New York’s elite trolled by a gossip site following and reporting on their every move. Through all 6 seasons their friendship survives scheming, break ups and Gossip Girl. You will dream about having pieces from Serena and Blair’s closet, or at least I do and you will wish you had a Dorota of your own!

8. The Vampire Diaries

If the Salvatore brothers aren’t a good enough reason to watch this show I don’t know what is! 164 episodes brings pure Vampire drama, including blood lust/loss and brotherly love conquering all! The town of Mystic Falls attracts all sorts of tragedy for Damon, Stefan and their friends who go to the end of the earth to save each other. Although, the real lesson to learn from this supernatural drama-fest is to never give up on yourself, you will always have your humanity! Sadly the news came, season 8 would be the last we see of The Vampire Diaries, I’ve got my tissues at the ready, have you?

9. Ugly Betty

Heart warming and charming, Ugly Betty proves that beauty is only skin deep. Having her own style, Betty had trouble fitting in with co-workers at a New York fashion magazine.

Through the years she managed to change the minds of her closest peers to allow them to care more about others and challenged them to look at the bigger picture.

Through 4 seasons, we see Betty ooze optimism and self confidence and always be her true self through all the hardships which is what you (the readers) should do too!!

10. Sex and the City

Spanning 6 seasons and 2 movies, Carrie & Co’s dedication to each other never wavered.

Sex in the City taught us a lot so here is a brief list:
1. Your friends can be your soulmates – “You are my people”
2. Not agreeing with your friends is ok. Talk it out, understand and respect each others opinions.
3. Your partner doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as they are perfect for you.
4. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first and that is ok.
5. Loving shoes is definitely ok and loving yourself is even better as Samantha put it “I LOVE ME MORE”

The writers of this show were not shy, they tackled matters such as abortions, sexuality, STI’s, affairs, love and friendships. 94 episodes to watch Carrie stroll around New York in fabulous outfits and the perfect heels to match!

All 10 of these shows, I watch religiously. If only they were all on Netflix, my life would be complete. Each one of them a guilty pleasure that can be yours too!

So now you have months’ worth of shows to start binging on. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!

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