10 of London’s Best Healthy Eateries – Tried & Tested

by Charlotte Newton
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

In the three years that I was abroad, London’s health and wellness scene has come a long way. After living in Sydney, where you can get a green juice and coconut cappuccino on every corner, it was a huge relief to find that you can in London now too. There are boutique wellness studios and healthy eateries popping up everywhere, cafes serving proper coffee and a huge range of gorgeous cafes and restaurants where you can indulge (almost) guilt free.

London’s food scene has always been diverse, so there are way too many to list in one article, but as I am slowly making my way through them all, here’s a few of my favourites so far.

Beany Green

I’m very lucky to have a Beany Green opposite my office so I can get a good almond milk cappuccino every morning. Alongside good coffee, Beany Green does a great range of healthy breakfasts (I love the Bondi Bowl – go figure), as well as the avocado on charcoal toast, which is much more appetising than it sounds. For lunch they have a big selection of fresh salads which change every day. The portions are really generous and if you’re going with someone who doesn’t have your healthy intentions, then there are plenty of naughty cakes and treats too. They’re a small chain with locations across London.

The Mae Deli

You would have to have been under a wellness rock to miss the rise of Deliciously Ella and her wholesome recipes. Now you can visit one of her two Deli’s in London and save making them yourself! You can build your own breakfast and lunch bowls and there’s plenty of choice for even the fussiest of eaters. The treats are delicious and I’m obsessed with the cacao and almond energy ball.

Hally’s and Little H

Hally’s and Little H are opposite each other in Parson’s Green and owned by the same husband and wife team. The inspiration came from a Californian road trip and both have a laid back, sunshine vibe. Little H is a café serving juices, smoothies and healthy lunches, while Hally’s is a restaurant with a larger choice on the menu and open until 6pm for a cheeky organic vino.

The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen has a small Deli on Kingly St and a larger one on Mortimer St. Both serving wheat, dairy and refined sugar free food. The focus is on celebrating good quality, seasonal, whole ingredients so the range of salad’s changes daily. They also offer detox programs so there’s a large range of juices and the Mortimer St one has a fitness studio downstairs. The brownies are divine just FYI.

Romeo’s sugar free bakery

This is probably one of my favourite and most frequented cafes! Sitting on gentrified Upper St, it has a huge range of gluten, dairy and sugar free treats, including brownies, cookies and cheesecakes. Yup, a dairy free cheesecake. They have a hearty vegan breakfast and plenty of gluten free salads, quiches and even pizzas. This café proves hands down that sugar free isn’t fun free.

Granger and Co

I promise I’m not biased, but this is another Aussie offering. Now with locations all over London, Granger and Co is one of my favourite brunch spots. They have a huge range of healthy, hearty options, amazing coffee and the service is great – which is important, given it’s so popular you may have to wait a while for a table! The lunch and dinner options are just as good and just as delicious.

Palm Vaults

This is potentially the most instagrammable café you will ever visit, with pink furnishings and plants hanging literally everywhere. It’s like entering a gorgeous dream world complete with an array of healthy treats. They even do a pink latte (it’s beetroot) and a bright yellow one (turmeric). The menu is smaller, but you’ll be so busy taking pictures of your pink latte that you won’t mind.


I stumbled across this Notting Hill gem by accident and I’m so glad I did. Inspired by the idea that food can be medicine, it enables clean indulgence and has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. Most items are free from dairy, as well as zero refined sugars, additives or chemicals. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a relaxed vibe that will make you want to stay all day.

The Attendant

Another one I came across by accident, this café is very Shoreditch in a good way (although they also have one in Fitzrovia). It’s built around the philosophy of creating experiences for communities, so has been designed as a welcoming space to bring people together. They offer a wholesome, produce-driven seasonal menu and are serious about good coffee and good brunch.

Smoking Goat

This tiny restaurant in Soho doesn’t usually make it’s way onto health food lists, but it’s Thai origins mean there are plenty of fresh fish, grilled meat and salads. It’s a small venue and small menu, but everything on it is delicious. Go early to avoid waiting, as word has gotten out about this hidden gem. It has a great atmosphere, perfect for healthy dinners with friends or lovers.

Where are your favourite healthy hidden gems? I’ll happily work my way around them in the name of research.

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