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by Ceylan Kumbarji
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At just 16 years old, Cailee Rae is someone who’s been on our radar for a while. She premiered the music video for her single Anchor with Teen Vogue (the video now has a phenomenal 1 million views) and came up with the whole concept herself. Her debut EP Overthinking demonstrated her incredible voice but also introduced her as an artist and now, the singer-songwriter talks to us about her career and goals for the future. Working hard to define herself and figure out her sound, her career began with on social media and Cailee says, “Instagram has made my dreams come true and changed my life. It has brought my music to the ears of those who might not have heard of me and given me fans that might not have existed for a long time otherwise. I’m so thankful.” 
She’s currently working on new music and hopes to do some shows soon, so we found out how much she draws from her own experiences, dream collaborations and what she loves most about her career!

Taylor Magazine: How much do you draw from your own life experiences and do you have to be in a certain mood to write?
Cailee Rae: Honestly, I draw from anything that inspires me. I want my songs to be truthful and meaningful and I think putting my real experiences into my music is what brings my songs and lyrics to life. It’s funny how we all go through the same things but always feel so alone about them. I really want to show people that they aren’t alone. It’s always about how inspired I am. On days that I feel full of inspiration, I can write and write and write. But, on days I feel I’m at a creative halt, it can be difficult. 
Taylor Magazine: How much are you involved in the creative process?
Cailee Rae: I’m involved as much as I can be. I like everything to stay really true to who I am. I will leave certain things to people and observe them so I can try to learn from their amazing talent, but I will at least stand by and watch if I’m not super hands on. 
Taylor Magazine: Was there ever an alternative career path for you other than music and what was the exact moment you knew this was for you? 
Cailee Rae: Honestly, I haven’t ever thought about it! People always tell me that, “I’m young and should have another plan just incase,” but there isn’t another plan. I won’t accept anything less, I know this is what I want. I knew the first time I stepped into a studio. It just felt like home, and for some reason I felt like I had stepped into a studio a million times before. 
Taylor Magazine: How much has social media been important in growing your career and getting your music out there? 
Cailee Rae: SO important. It has given me a lot of exposure and given me the huge opportunity to do things as a independent artist. It also grew the most important thing — my Caibae family! I feel so lucky to have my fans. I owe them so much. They have done so much for me and  I love them with all of my heart. I try to give them back as much love as I can.
Taylor Magazine: How would you define your sound? 
Cailee Rae: I think it’s a blend of a lot of different genres. I try to challenge myself as I grow and try new things. You just have to listen and see what you think! 
Taylor Magazine: Run us through a typical day for you! What do you do each day? 
Cailee Rae: Each day is different. Some days I have shoots, the studio, or events, and somedays I just spend the day with my boyfriend or a good group of friends by the beach or getting soup dumplings! But, all in all you will probably find me sitting at my piano writing or recording for Instagram! 
Taylor Magazine: What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
Cailee Rae: The creative process. I love being in the studio an writing and coming up with ideas for music videos. I also love working really hard on a set with my band and being able to perform it for my fans. I just love meeting them and seeing them smile. It makes me the happiest girl in the world.
Taylor Magazine: What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how have you overcome it? 
Cailee Rae: I think the hardest thing is standing up for who I am as artist and making my vision come to life. It’s hard to stand out when everyone wants you to be and do things that aren’t you. I have really stood up for what I envision and try to stay as authentic and real as a possible. 
Taylor Magazine: Where do you hope to be in the next five years? Do you like to plan ahead or are you the sort of person who takes each day as it comes? 
Cailee Rae: I am a PLANNER which can be bad and good. But in five years, I want to sell out shows with people who all come to shout my songs, love one another and have the best night ever. All I want is to share my music throughout the world and change peoples lives. I think messages and lyrics can really touch someone’s life and bring people together. I want connection. I want my listeners to connect with my music from the lyrics to the beat and I want them to connect with ME!
Taylor Magazine: Musical influences and ideal person to collaborate with? 
Cailee Rae: I’d love to collaborate with Troye Sivan and I’d love to make a fun YouTube video with Good Mythical Morning or Buzzfeed!

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