3 Step Peach Sangria

by Paige Billings

The Ultimate Spring & Summer Drink!

Sangria might sound daunting when you first think about making it yourself, but really all you need it some fruit, wine of choice and my favorite addition, a sparkling lemonade.

What is Sangria?

The word sangria stems is Spanish for a drink that is a mix of wine, fresh fruit and lemonade. A perfect pairing to hot summers in Spain. There are so many ways to enjoy a sangria, you can have it on the spicy side, like a mulled wine for a autumn/winter flavour, or you can have it bright and fresh with white wine for a summer treat! Since it is warm now, the birds are chirping and I can feel the warm breeze in the evenings, it’s due time for a spring/summer sangria!

No Fail Recipe:

When I tell you that this recipe is no fail, I am being dead serious! All you do is add your favorite fruit, lemonade and wine into a bowl, let it chill for a few hours and viola, Sangria! One of the reasons I love making sangria is that I can put together the most beautiful drink, and it looks beautiful on a table for company. It’s fancy yet sophisticated. A little effort goes a long way with these bright wines.

Let’s Start Mixing!

Like most recipes with alcohol, please enjoy this drink responsibly!

Enjoy & Share!

Through the summer months, this sangria becomes a staple for my husband and I when hosting dinner parties, pairing wines with dinner and just to enjoy the summer sun. Enjoy!

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