3 Ways To Stay In Touch With Long-Distance Friends

by Khristy Choo

We’ve all probably dealt with this scenario before. Having to say a (temporary!) goodbye to someone who’s moving away, whether to another state or whole different country altogether. Fortunately, even if they’re not a stone’s throw away anymore, there are so many fun ways to keep in touch long-distance, and even grow closer as friends until the next time you see them in person again. Here are some ideas:

Write Them A Letter

We live in a time where everything happens instantly, and at the push of a button. Hungry? Deliveroo brings your favourite comfort food to your doorstep. Ever wanted to know what a group of flamingos is called? Google is right there to give you the answer (“a flamboyance,” in case you were wondering!). With this in mind, some may argue that the art of letter writing does not serve a purpose anymore.

However, I think it can be beneficial in many ways. It encourages you to slow down and really think about what you want to communicate to the other person, which translates into more meaningful messages. It shows how much thought was put into the action, and receiving mail (that is not a bill) is quite honestly a very special feeling. Yes, it may not be the fastest method of communication available, but the unexpected surprise will definitely brighten someone else’s day, and maybe even cheer them up right when they need it. There are also so many ways you can be creative with this – you can get photos printed to make personalised postcards, go wild with doodles and calligraphy, or (my personal favourite) why not send out colour-in postcards that our friends can have fun with after they receive it?

Be Personal In Your Communication

Technology and social media have made it easy to keep in touch with friends from all over the globe, so be sure to take advantage of that as well! Texting may be the most common method of communication amongst long-distance friends, but switch it up every now and then and send short videos instead. Getting to see the person’s face and hear their voice makes the distance seem a lot shorter, and it will feel a lot more personal than a typed message. It also gives you an opportunity to give them a little peek into our daily lives by showing them your surroundings, the people you’re with and so on. Don’t forget to schedule the occasional phone call or Skype date as well!

Make An Effort

Long-distance friendships may feel hard to maintain sometimes. Be mindful of this and make a conscious decision to put in effort to keep communication going, and be a listening ear when needed. Be curious about what’s happening in each other’s lives. Don’t forget to ask questions, especially if they’re in a completely new environment.

It’s all about finding little ways to connect that are unique to the both of you, whether it’s creating a shared music playlist or even starting a blog together – do whatever works for you! Even if you don’t get to speak as often as you’d like, a simple “I’m thinking of you” message every now and then can make the world of difference.

What are some of the ways you and your long-distance friends keep in touch?

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