4 Reasons Why Bruges Should Be On Your Travel List

by Olivia Bouchard

Have you ever watched a film that was set somewhere you thought was so beautiful it made you want to visit? For me, there’s no film that does this more than ‘In Bruges’. Despite the plot line of the film being far from pretty, the thing that stood out to me most whilst watching it was how utterly gorgeous the scenery was. 

Nestled in the northwest of Belgium, Bruges is a stunning city with a very rich history. The cobbled streets run side by side with a multitude of canals, spread out throughout the town. The architecture itself is so ornate and detailed, it’s reason enough to visit on its own. 

I could go on forever about the beauty of Bruges but I’ve forced myself to come up with the top 4 attractions that I hope will convince you to pay this quaint city a visit.

1 Nothing says Belgium like chocolate.

Bruges is home to ‘Choco-Story: The Chocolate Museum’. Need I say any more? At this little museum in the city centre, you can trace the history of the cocoa bean and how it has been cultivated and enjoyed for centuries. And if that’s not enough to spark your interest, there’s always the incentive of sampling genuine Belgian chocolate at the end of your visit. Who could resist? 

2 Get back to nature

Located at the bottom edge of Bruges is the beautiful Minnewater Lake and Garden. This setting is the ultimate relaxation spot for that urban nature fix we’re all in need of. You can take a refreshing stroll through the park’s tree-lined paths. Or even brave the water and go for a swim. If you’re traveling with your significant other, then this spot is a must do – legend has it – if a couple crosses over the bridge in this park, they will enjoy eternal love… Who knows? Why don’t you put it to the test?

3 Bruge has its very own Dolphinarium (Yes, that’s an Aquarium just for dolphins!) 

For the ultimate family day out, look no further than the ‘Boudewijn Seapark and Dolfinarium.’ This attraction boasts a variety of activities for all the family to enjoy. As well as being able to watch dolphins splash and jump in the dolphinarium, there are waterslides and plenty of other activities. 

4 Appreciate fine art at the Groeningemuseum   

This museum is home to a wonderful exhibit, showing an overview of the history of Belgian art. It feature works by the world-renowned Flemish Primitives and Flemish Expressionism masterpieces. If you’re looking to dive a little further into Bruges’ rich culture then I can’t recommend this museum enough. Plus, there’s a gorgeous 4 star restaurant a stones throw away for afterwards (Sfeerbistro De Twijfelaar).

If all of these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to pay Bruges a visit, then I would recommend watching Martin McDonagh’s film ’In Bruges’. The vast majority of the film is set there and it truly shows off the beauty of the town.  

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