5 Journal Ideas To Try Out This Year

by Olivia Frost

If you’re guilty of spending hours on end scrolling Pinterest, looking for journal inspiration but are still stuck looking at a blank page, then you are not alone! Lots of the designs -although super cute- can be either impossible to achieve or completely impractical!

It can be difficult to think of inspiration to fill your journal with every month. But look no further. We have compiled a list of the best, simple journal prompts and ideas, so you don’t have to waste your time scrolling through impractical ideas!

Start The Journal With A Goals Page

What better way to start your journal then with a page dedicated to your goals for the year? Make it fun and creative by using graphic depictions of your goals, alongside a list or spider diagram. Visualising your goals in this way will help you to manifest your aspirations. You’ll be much more inclined to revisit them if they look pretty!

Introduce Each Month With A Themed Page

Start each month off fresh by creating a colourful title, spread over two pages. On the first page, introduce the month and a doodle or drawing of something relevant to the month. For example, for March, you could draw Daffodils. On the second page, draw a rough calendar-style block. This can be used for anything from birthdays to appointments that you may have that month. This is the perfect way to see an overview of your month at a glance.

Use Visual Trackers

Visual trackers can be used to depict all sorts of things you’d like to keep track of in your life. These can include your sleep, how much water you drink, people’s birthdays or even your mood. Get creative and think outside the box! Instead of using boring tables or grids to track these things, why not use 12 balloons with each month inside to track birthdays, or colour-in water glasses to track your hydration! This is the perfect way to track anything you’d like to keep on top of, as it makes it fun and you will be much more likely to stay on track using visual guides!

Write Down Your Favourite Playlists Or TV Shows

Keeping a note of any new TV shows or a playlists you have downloaded and listened to will help you to look back and rediscover the things you loved in the future. It will also stop the awkward conversation when you are recommending a show to a friend but have completely forgotten its name! Writing down the show and a brief overview, as well as a star rating out of five, is the perfect way to keep track of your Netflix binging sessions!

Self-Care Tracker

We could all use a little more self-care than we give ourselves. Using a physical tracker is the perfect way we can make sure that we give ourselves that much needed time out. A good way to keep track, is to split off the page into three sections: mind, body and soul. This way you will make sure that you are not prioritising one over the others and you will ensure your self-care routine is treated as a priority.

Whether you are brand new to journaling or you are an expert – it is always handy to get new, fresh ideas and tips to help you out! Try out these ideas next time you are stuck for inspiration. Happy journaling!

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