5 Random Acts Of Kindness Anyone Can Do

by Sydney Wingfield

Have you ever had someone hold the door open for you when your hands were full? Has anyone helped you pick up a handful of change that you dropped in a store? Ever had the car in front of you buy your Starbucks order? These are all small random acts of kindness that happen every single day.

It’s easy to be so consumed in your own life and forget that there are people around you all the time that need help opening a door or crossing the street safely to their car. Small little things like this can go a long way. It can make someone’s bad day just a little bit better. Sometimes, it’ll make you feel good about yourself and pick your day up, too. If you’ve never done something any random acts of kindness, or you want to do more of them, here are a few that you can do anytime.

Compliment Their Outfit

As humans, it’s easy to be insecure about how you look. Just think about it, have you ever worn an outfit you weren’t sure about but received a compliment from someone? You instantly feel a little bit more confident and good about yourself. So why not help other people feel that way? If you see someone in a store or restaurant, give them a compliment and you’ll instantly see their face light up.

Pay For Someone’s Coffee Order

If you’re in the drive thru line at Starbucks or some other restaurant and you want to do something nice for someone, pay for the persons order behind you. If you don’t want to unexpectedly pay $10 for someone’s order, pay $3 or for part of their order. This will not only surprise the car behind you, but it may create a chain reaction. Each car behind you may end up paying for the car behind them.

Have A Gift Card To Somewhere You Don’t Shop Or Eat? Give It To Someone Else.

If you receive a gift card from someone to a restaurant you don’t ever eat at, it can be a little disappointing. Instead of letting it go to waste, go to that restaurant and give it to someone eating there. If you don’t want to directly go up to someone, you could give it to the hostess or cashier and ask them to use it for the next customers purchase. Who knows – you could make a whole family’s day!

Serve A Meal At A Homeless Shelter

Those who are homeless may be stressed and in need of a good conversation and a smile, like any other person in the world. There are usually homeless shelters in most cities. If this is something you would want to do, you can easily sign up to help out one day. When you’re there, smile to those being served, talk to them, and help around the shelter.

Cook Your Family Dinner

If you want to do something to make others happy, it doesn’t always have to be with strangers. Something simple you could do that would bring happiness to others would be to cook dinner for your family. If you are not the head of the house, it could take a load off of your parents and allow them to relax and not have to worry about work and making sure everyone has dinner.

There are various things one could do to help your family or a stranger out. Whether its anything listed in this article or just holding a door open for someone who’s walking behind you, you never know how much it can positively impact someone and possibly make their day. It’s important to be kind, no matter how hard it may be. You never know what others are going through and how much a small kind act can affect someone.

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