5 Steps For Gaining Self-Confidence

by Annabelle Short

If you are working towards becoming successful and achieving all that you’ve ever dreamed of, believing in yourself is vital. You need to have a vision and the necessary confidence to go along with your vision; the belief that you are capable of bringing it to fruition. How then do you gain self-confidence?

Self-confidence is knowing that you have all that it takes and believing that you can pull something off. Confidence is a deep-rooted belief that you have the ability, skills, talent, and resources to achieve your desired results. Let’s discuss five ways through which you can gain and improve your self-confidence.

1. Choose to believe in yourself

Gaining self-confidence starts with making a conscious choice to believe in yourself and the things that you can achieve. Believing in yourself is something that you choose to do; you can choose not to believe in yourself. Self-belief is an attitude that you develop with time and if you grew up in an enabling and encouraging environment, the better for you. For a lot of other people, they had to work hard to be self-confident. If you make a choice, to believe firmly in your abilities, you are well on your way to self-confidence.

2. Talk positively to yourself and persuade yourself to push beyond boundaries

Boundaries or limits should never hinder you. Even if it looks like something is impossible, you need to tell yourself that you can do it. According to research carried out on the brain, a combination of positive talk, visualization, training, and skills can make you achieve anything you want to. By believing in yourself and telling yourself that nothing can stop you, you will put in the required work to achieve the result.

If you tell yourself that it cannot be done, you will find yourself pulling away from the things that you ought to do because you are not confident enough that you can do it. Positive self-talk gives you enough confidence and turns your thoughts into prophecies.

An excellent way to push beyond boundaries is to exercise regularly. With the right exercises, you will have your body and mind in the right state. While at it, you can use some natural supplements to improve your energy and stimulate you to perform better in the gym or at home workouts, it all depends on which works best for you.

3. Eliminate negative statements like “I can’t”

You should never say you cannot do something. Give it a shot, and you might achieve the unexpected. Self-confidence and success go hand-in-hand. If you’re going to be successful, first, you need to develop the can-do spirit. Saying the words “I can’t” sucks the willpower out of you. By uttering these words, even if you weren’t actually weak, you could lose all the power needed to get things done. The brain is designed to believe what the mind sends to it.

For instance, a baby believes it can do anything; so when you were younger; you would climb anything regardless of the height. With time, you started hearing things like “you need to be careful,” “you cannot jump that” from relatives and then you stopped making those daring attempts. To get rid of that mental conditioning, you have to take charge of your mind and stop saying the words “I can’t” and replace them with “I can” which is the stepping stone to “I will.”

4. Pay less attention to people’s opinions

You should do the things because you want to do them and not because someone wants you to or does not want you to do them. Standing firmly by your decisions helps you gain self-confidence ultimately. If everyone listened to what people told them about their dreams and goals, nobody would accomplish anything. You should know what you want for yourself, that which only you can actualize. You will never be confident if you are scared of what people will say about you or your life. If you stop worrying about the opinions of other people, your self-confidence will soar.

You also need to know that the people whom you’re worried about their opinions probably aren’t thinking about you; they also have their lives to worry about. So, instead, do your thing, focus on yourself and edge closer to your goals.

5. Acknowledge the positive parts of your life

Do not focus on the losses. Focus on the wins and believe that you are going to keep winning. In the world today, people are more noticed when they fail at something. Often, success goes unnoticed, but with a single failure, everyone goes bonkers. The intense emotions that come from people around when an individual fails are registered with the brain, and this makes them a little less appreciative of their success.

This feeling of being unappreciated can dampen the self-confidence of anyone since they think their success will not matter but this should not be so. To gain self-confidence whether, in success or failures, you have to focus on your accomplishments – the things you did right. It can’t be all bad. Even an incorrect clock is correct twice a day.  Acknowledge the fact that you have done things that you were successful at and believe that things can only get better. There will be more opportunities to accomplish new goals in the future. This way you will be confident enough to believe in yourself and capabilities.

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