5 Tips For Dealing With Being Homesick

by Olivia Bouchard

It could be that you’re going to university, getting a new job or moving in with your significant other. Whatever the reason is, leaving home is a step that everyone takes at some point in their life. And it’s totally normal to feel homesick while doing so.

And it’s exciting! New experiences, whatever they are, open up all kinds of possibilities. They also guide our lives in a new direction which can be daunting but is very important for personal growth. The first few stages of leaving home are always hectic. Moving boxes from one place to another, memorising your new commute and figuring out the best supermarkets nearby. It’s all go go go.

But after that all quietens down, once you’re properly settled in your new home, you can sometimes be left feeling deflated. And possibly at a loss with what to do with yourself. This is very normal and nothing to worry about.

Being homesick kicks in at different times for different people. When I left home, I didn’t start to miss it properly for three or four months. For others it could be instant or it could take longer. It all depends, but the chances are you will feel it at one point or another.

So, the important thing to remember is how to deal with it when it does kick in…

Being homesick is a completely normal feeling.

Knowing that how you feel is a normal reaction to things will help you deal with it calmly. Feeling homesick is something that happens to everybody at one point or another. It’s completely ordinary and there’s no right or wrong time to feel it. Some people feel it more strongly than others, but if you remember that you’re not the only one, it’ll help you move past the feeling and get back to enjoying your time in your new place.

Home is always a phone call away.

Moving away from home can sometimes make us feel slightly cut-off from our loved ones. You might not feel as close to them as you used to because you’re suddenly in a different routine. But we’re lucky to live in a day and age where long distance communication is easier than it’s ever been. Things like FaceTime and Whatsapp have made it possible to video call on the go, no matter where we are in the world. So, if you find yourself missing your parents or siblings, don’t worry, just give them a call and have a nice little catch up.

Remember it’s only temporary.

Whenever we’re feeling down, no matter what the cause is, it can often feel like it’s never going to end. And homesickness is no exception. You might feel like you just can’t get used to your new place no matter how hard you try, which can be very frustrating. You might miss home so much that you forget why you ever moved away in the first place. If you find yourself in this situation, try to tell yourself that it will pass. I know it’s easier said than done, but just like everything else, homesickness IS temporary and it will get easier. And remember, that you are not trapped in your new home. If it comes to it, you can always sell your new home before moving back to the place you miss so much. If you do end up doing this, then you will want to check local property valuations before listing your new home. Just make sure that you are not acting hastily – allow yourself a chance to get over the homesickness.

List all of the good things about your new place

However homesick you’re feeling, it doesn’t change the reasons why you moved away. And I bet you can think of some pretty great things about your new home, even if you really miss your old one. Maybe you’re enjoying your new job and meeting some nice colleagues. Maybe you’ve moved in with your partner and you love how you’ve decorated each room. Or maybe you’ve particularly enjoyed the shopping process of buying new appliances and protecting them with a coverage plan from somewhere like this home warranty utah company, so it’s easier to handle when they break and need repairing. Whatever your reasons were for moving away, try and list all the good ones, however big or small. This will help you gain some perspective and hopefully make you miss home a little less.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Even if you feel like you’re going through this alone, I promise that you’re not. As I’ve said, everybody has felt homesick at some point. So there will be plenty of people in your life who know exactly what you’re going through and can empathise. Talk to them. Tell someone what you’re struggling with. They’ll be able to offer a fresh perspective on your situation, which will likely help you see things more clearly. A new home will always take some getting used to. But with friends to help you through the transition, your homesickness will soon subside and you’ll enjoy settling into your new routine.

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