5 Ways To Make Your Home Instagram Friendly

by Chloe Bridget Taylor

Have you ever gone through someones wonderful Instagram profile where every photo exceeds the previous one? Their home looks stunning. Then you look around and there you are, sitting in your cute (but very bare) apartment, just wondering how do they do it? You have spent hours pouring over sites like innofsilentmusic.com to see if there is any other type of furniture that you could get, but still you do not understand how these people do it. You might think those people who have stunning interiors must spend thousands of dollars on expensive furniture, branded accessories, signed pieces of art or even things like these canvas prints Australia and professional interior designers to put it all together. More often than not, you would be wrong. Luxury home remodeling does not have to as expensive as you might think. Quite often, simply reaching out to a home remodeling expert specializing in luxury home additions in NJ can be enough to get the ball rolling. So, go on. All it takes is some careful planning, preparation and a few pro tips you can find in this guide. Here are five easy and effective ways you can make your home Instagram friendly.

Theme rooms

If you want to always have a good backdrop for your photographs, try to create a theme in your living room or bedroom. In the end, you will surely get a unique room that is a piece of art on its own. It does not matter whether your theme is based on a set of colours or a specific design. It totally depends on you. Just make sure to pay attention to balance. Another good piece of advice is to design your interior starting from furniture and only after you have chosen your biggest pieces should you start thinking about wall colours and accessories. As a lot of accounts consist of food taken from various angles and positioned on fancy dining tables, you could look into a site like furniture in fashion, who sell products like High Gloss Dining Table And 4 Chairs Sets. It definitely is Instagram worthy.
These accessories could be anything that takes your fancy. For example, you might like the look of the luxury rugs from Bazaar Velvet, or you might design that you like a piece of artwork. If you do not know where to start, start searching the Internet for inspiration and steal a few ideas.

Statement furniture

When you scroll through some designers photos, you will notice that their works focus on a single piece of furniture that simply takes your breath away and makes you want to go online and order it right that second. With that being said, do not hesitate to invest in a piece of furniture that will serve as a focal point of a room the next time you decide to remodel. For instance, at the moment, interior designers are paying extra attention to extraordinary bathtubs. Their Instagram profiles are full of lovely pictures of bathrooms with these phenomenal pieces. Feel free to take some inspiration from the experts because they know best, but also try to give the room your personal touch. More often than not, the statement piece of furniture featured in these posts is a tasteful and luxurious leather sofa. Maintaining it by softening leather with purpose-made leather cleaning and care products can help keep the furniture insta-ready.

Bring some nature in

No-one can stay indifferent to seeing a natural element in an indoor space, especially if you spend your days in a big city surrounded by concrete, plastic and artificial things everywhere you look. Find a beautiful big plant that will grace that empty corner of your living room or make your hallway come to life with a fresh bouquet of roses. If your home has a more rustic vibe, you can decorate your work desk with some colorful wildflowers. Plants will not only make every angle of your home Instagram ready but they will also make you feel more vigorous, boost your concentration and relieve stress. It is a win-win scenario!

Hang a piece of art

Walls are where you can really express your creativity. You can hang a huge art piece that will instantly attract the attention of everyone who enters the room. Do not panic, you do not need to spend a lot for this to be the case. It does not have to be a painting of a renowned artist. You can opt for everything from professionally printed to framed quotes and motivational posters, or even a diamond painting that will really make the room pop. There is absolutely no limit – you can even opt to hang your personal DIY projects. Do not be afraid to show your creativity to the world. Your walls are your canvas.

Instagram loves good lighting

Let us be realistic – no matter how beautiful or well-designed your home is, you will never be able to fully demonstrate its beauty without some good lighting. That is why you should try your best to open your space up and introduce as much natural light as possible. Instagram is all about home fixtures being quirky and unique; as well as finding good lighting, you can invest in personalized custom lighting fabrication for something showy to display to your followers. Additionally, find a gorgeous chandelier for your living room or bedroom. You have ticked off two things here with good lighting and a stand out piece. Do not forget the decorative candles and lamps either, which will give every recorded moment a particularly romantic atmosphere.

As you can see, you do not need to spend a hefty sum or hire a pro interior designer to make you home Instagram-friendly. So, put the phone down and stop scrolling for a moment. Get to work on creating that beautiful space, and once you are finished, celebrate with an Insta photo session. Showcase your skills and capture your work!

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