6 Instagram Follows Worth the Added Number

by Shannon Vize

It’s probably safe to assume that I’m a bit addicted to Insta, or the ‘gram if you will. No, I’m not a serial selfie poster or anything. I just love Instagram more than any other social media site I use. My use of the platform has only become greater since finding a free linktree alternative!

Maybe it’s the fact that my Insta news feed isn’t filled with rantings of uninformed political opinions or maybe it’s just that I love seeing the experiences and places that make up other people’s lives. Whatever it is, I can’t help but keep my newsfeed stocked with users that I consider worth the follow.

For those of you confused as to what I mean, I guess it’s a bit superficial. To some in the Insta world, your “ratio?? refers how many people you follow vs. how many people follow you. Aka: the Instagram equivalent to whether or not you are “cool?? laid out in cold, shiny, black numbers. You want to keep the number of people you’re following a good bit lower than your number of followers. This can make the follow decision a more serious commitment than many of us millennials are used to nowadays.

Are they worth the added number? Well, now you don’t have to guess. Here is my handpicked list of the six most worthy follows you’ll make all year. I can guarantee they won’t follow you back, but trust me, they’re worth the added number.


Although the name implies a lot of R-rated content, which there definitely is plenty of, it has more of a weird, trippy, artsy kind of feel to it, rather than a porn star’s haven. Suffice it to say, my Tumblr includes quite a few screenshots I’ve snagged of posts by this magazine’s Insta that garner lots of reblogs.

If you want a few cool posts that trip you out, make you look twice, or get some art into your feed, then check this account out.


The ultimate thin, beautiful, blonde model that seems to get paid to travel around the world to the most tropical and luxurious locations and simply look pretty. Her dream Insta life can be a good reminder to not let go of that wanderlust feeling you used to feel so often. Her posts will show you how much of the world you have left to see.

  • Her mostly-on boyfriend @jayalvarrez tends to snap a majority of the photos (He’s a photographer and videographer) you see on her page and makes his own money off doing essentially the same thing as Alexis.

Both post envy-inducing shots that will make you want to quit your day job and move somewhere near the ocean. Oh, to be young and in love and beautiful, and traveling the world. It’s no wonder their # of followers has steadily been on the rise.


One account that always has me laughing is @beigecardigan. Jessica Anteby posts a hilarious assortment of jems found online that every millennial can relate to, especially if you hate beige cardigans. A phrase this entertaining account entered into my vocab. (It’s ok, I didn’t know what it meant at first either).


Ever since his days as a fan favorite on Project Runway, Christian Siriano has been an incredibly talented designer with an eye for details and colors and his Instagram account is no exception. With everything from posts celebrating the women who wear his custom designs to hand drawn sketches he finished a few minutes before, this is a follow any avid fashion fan will realize is definitely worth the +1.


If @beigecardigan isn’t explicit enough for your sense of humor, then look no further ladies, you have found what you’re looking for with this user. From her brutally honest, hilarious captions and hashtags to her original posts that make you question if she has telepathic abilities, this user isn’t afraid to make you laugh and feel like maybe you aren’t that crazy, while throwing some serious shade to f***boys.

You may be too paranoid to like many of these posts, since anyone who may see it will think you’re insane. But you can definitely look forward to a laugh the next time you scroll through Insta if you give this user a follow.

I know I’ll never be cool enough for a follow-back, but I definitely consider these users worth the follow. If you’ve gotten bored of your friend’s cousin’s sister clogging your Insta feed with yet another #sundayselfie or your friend’s posts just aren’t doing it for you anymore, then give one of these accounts a chance.

I guarantee you’ll be tagging all your friends and double tapping posts in no time.

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