7 Signs You Might Be A Friendly Badass

by Meghan Sylvester
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

You know that girl who just exudes confidence, but isn’t a jerk about it? She’s smart, but not intimidating. She’s stylish in her own, authentic regard. She takes charge in a friendly way. She lights up a room and doesn’t even know it. There’s only one term that can accurately describe this chick. She’s a friendly badass. She’s you. She’s me. She’s all of us. Are you ready to step into your light and become a friendly badass. Here are seven signs that you are well on your way…

You’re a lifter

(no, not in the CrossFit sense). You get genuinely excited about lifting people up. When you hear someone’s good news, you actually do a happy dance or a fist pump for them. You realize that there is plenty enough to go around, so others people’s success doesn’t intimidate you – it inspires.

You’re a showoff.

Huh? Yes, you read that right. But it’s not what you’re thinking. You love what makes you unique and you’re not afraid to show it. You own the fact that you collect troll dolls, or your love of vintage clothes. You love that you have interests that were fabricated by your heart and soul. Yeah maybe you’re totally obsessed with Taylor Swift like half of the world, but you also have that thing that makes you interesting. You don’t want to be like everyone else. You love the crazy, quirky, kooky things about yourself and you’re not afraid to show them off.

You can take a compliment.

Especially from other women. When someone says something nice to you, you say thank you! It sounds so simple, but why as women, is this so hard for us? A friendly badass recognizes when someone comes from a place of love and honors that. You trust that what is being said is true, and you genuinely feel thankful for the beautiful love nugget someone just handed you. And who doesn’t want a love nugget?

You honour your temple.

Ok maybe you are not gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and all the frees, but you recognize the importance of staying healthy. You know that good health is the first step in optimal brain functioning. And you gotta be on your brain game to be a friendly badass. You move in whatever form resonates with you – yoga, barre, walking, running, CrossFit, whatever – you move. You make sure your body is getting the nutrients, fuel, and blood flow it needs to let you go on throughout your day like the badass you are.

Your authenticity drives your confidence.

You create from a place of truth.  All day you are creating – ideas, strategies, decisions, change, even that outfit you put on this morning. You aren’t afraid to be bold, because it’s rooted in your most authentic self. You are confident in your creations and actions because you know there is no such thing as wrong or right when it comes to your creations – there just is. You stand behind your work and ideas because they are yours.

You run your world.

You’re not a total jerk, you listen and consider what others have to say and what they feel, but ultimately you go with your gut. You have a heightened sense of intuition and you do what resonates with you. You aren’t reckless though, you take action from a place of inspiration. You bravely go where your soul leads you. You do not do things because other people told you to do it, you do things because it aligns with your mission as a human being. Sure, you welcome and seek inspiration, but you don’t copy. When an opportunity feels right, you go for it!

You know how to laugh at yourself.

Perfection is not your M.O. In fact, you’ve realized that perfectionism isn’t all that great. It stops great ideas in its perfect, little tracks. You’ve moved past this mentality and realize that not everything you do is going to be super, fabulously, life-changing…but it will be done. You know that screw up’s might happen – in fact, that they are inevitable when you’re putting yourself out there. And you are fine with that. You are gentle on yourself. You’ve told the ego to check itself. You know that little voice in your head telling you that you aren’t enough or that you can’t do this, or that what you did was crappy is your ego trying to protect you in the only way it knows how. You know the ego wants to protect you from new, potentially “scary” situations, like putting yourself out there and going for it. But you know that you are made up of something much more magical and beautiful than that pesky ego. So you laugh – you let mistakes, missteps and screw-ups stand as lessons learned. You laugh, learn and move on.

Think you might know a friendly badass? Tell her! Let her know just how great you think she is (and she’ll take the compliment). Are YOU a friendly badass? Did any of these signs resonate with you? Did you catch yourself nodding your head in agreement? As women, it’s so important for us to lift each other up. So I salute you, you beautiful, friendly badass, you. I applaud the ego-checking, ass-kicking, self-loving, authentically charged, awesome, beautiful way you move through life. So go on with your bad self, Friendly Badass!!

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