8 Quick Storage Tips And Tricks That Will Completely Change Your Home

by Morgan Elliott

We all know how easily your home can get cluttered. It can happen that you simply forget to put things away for one day, and the next, there’s a mess that you have to deal with. No wonder so many people make full use of somewhere like these storage Pueblo units when they find that their clutter is completely taking over their lives (and home). But when you don’t have this option, and you have so many things to keep and use, we need to find other ways to manage, whether it is inside your house or garden sheds, you’ll have to find a way to organize your space. Luckily, there are some great ways to get your home more organized. No matter if your home is small or you simply lack storage, here are some great ideas for the storage in your entire home.

Make Use of a Mudroom Bench

If you have a big family, you probably have issues at the entrance of the house. Plus, when it’s raining, all the muddy shoes, wet jackets, and umbrellas can make quite a mess. So, to avoid all that, you can simply set up a mudroom bench. These will allow enough space for all of your jackets and let them dry. There’s space for shoes and bags, and you can sit on it while taking off or putting on your shoes.

Use the Vertical Space

If your home appears to be small and you don’t have space for bins, baskets, and chests for storage, you should go upwards. This goes for your entire home! All those bare walls can easily be turned into storage space by installing some decorative but sturdy shelves where you can place baskets and bins with things in them. However, if you want to hide all those bins and baskets, you can simply set up shelves in your storage room or even move them to your garage. But be careful when storing things on shelves – heavy things should always go on the bottom. This is especially important when you’re finding effective storage for your tools, for example. If you do not already have a storage shed or a garage on your property, you may want to look into the various ones out there to see which would be better for your home, from steel garage buildings to barn sheds, there is something out there for everyone.

Double-Duty Furniture for the Win

Small spaces can easily get cluttered and feel over-crowded if you have too many pieces of furniture. That is why you should let the airflow through the house by getting double-duty furniture. For example, getting a bed frame with storage space underneath it can clean up clutter in your bedroom. For a living room, getting a bench with storage space or a storage ottoman is always a great idea.

Storage Cubbies for Your Desk

We all know how hard it is to keep a home office organized. All those office supplies, important papers, and other items can easily overflow your desk. Having a clunky chest or a filing cabinet can only overcrowd the space – especially if it’s a small room. So, instead of hiding things under the desk or in closets, you should get a desk with storage cubbies. With these, you can easily keep the desk neat and organized and still have all of your supplies at a hand’s reach. Need some extra storage for all those papers and important documents? Add a drawer or a cabinet attached to the desk.

Storage Chest

Storage chests are a great piece of furniture, and can double as both a decorative piece and coffee table. They are also perfect for living rooms; they can really be a statement piece and you can keep necessary items in them, neatly stored. What’s more, you can move them to any room in your home and keep anything in them, including linen, toys, old books, seasonal clothes, and any other item needed to be hidden for later use.

Hang Your Pots on the Wall

This is a perfect solution for small kitchens. If your cabinets and space under the sink are already taken up and you have nowhere to put your pots and pans, you can simply build or find and purchase a wall rack where you can hang your pots. Another great idea for the kitchen is hanging mugs and glasses on special racks as well. This will really free up space in your cabinets.

Use the Inside of the Doors

Most storage spaces lack just a little bit of space in order to hold everything. And if you need that tiny bit of extra space, make use of the doors. You can easily put on a few hooks on the door or hang up some pouches and store smaller pieces in there. This can also be a nice place for storing shoes and slippers. Plus, such storage ideas can be useful in the bathroom. You can keep brushes, makeup, and other smaller items neatly organized, instead of leaving them on the washing machine or in cabinets.

Bins and Baskets

These are pretty standard and simple storage solutions, but they can often be decorative. If you tie several baskets together and hang them in your bathroom, for example, you get a nice piece of decoration and you have some extra storage space. Also, smaller baskets are great for shelf decoration and they can hold smaller items. What is more, if you use bins, you can nicely label them and separate items in categories and always know where your things are. Plus, you can easily hide them under the bed, at the bottom of a closet, or move them to the garage or basement.

There is a solution for any type of clutter, you just have to be a bit creative. If you feel like your home is getting suffocated by the lack of space, make sure to try some of these easy and decorative storage solutions.

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