8 Things About Dating We Wish We Knew In College

by The Ambrose Girls

We graduated from college longer ago than we care to remember. However, we do remember our days spent on The Ohio State University campus like it was yesterday. Upon arrival that crisp September day, we anxiously moved box after box into our cramped dorm rooms. We remember EVERYTHING, from attending the opening kickoff ceremonies, throwing up after our first keg stands, and our first on-campus flirtations and kisses.

As relationship bloggers and dating enthusiasts, the highlights of our freshman year seem to be anything boy related, of course! We happily made mistakes and shed tears that we look back upon now with great fondness and nostalgia. Many other sites exist that can give similar advice, such as LG, which is always useful. Given the chance, we wouldn’t dare go back in time and change anything from our college experiences. However, if we could speak to our freshman college selves before the bell rang on day one, we would spill the following Partnersuche tipps…or, in English, dating tips?

  • Dating within the dorm is not a good idea: Sure, the guy from floor 3 who helped you move in that heavy box was cute, but remember; “Don’t shit where you eat” became a phrase for a reason. Sure it is convenient to have a boy handy right in your own dorm building but consider if/when things go awry. After the split, would you really want to run into him as he was escorting a date to his room? The answer is no, no you would not.
  • You don’t owe anyone sex: College sure has a stigma about it that includes raging hormones and boys putting pressure on girls to have sex. When alcohol flows, curfews no longer exist, and adult supervision beyond closed doors is a non-issue, boys will be boys. Everyone says when you go to college that it is like boys have been let loose and just discovered their sexual prowess. However, what many boys don’t realise is that finding a suitable partner is not as easy as it looks on www hdsexvideo, though not many actually realise it. They want to have sex with anyone at any time, which is unfortunately pretty true. When it comes to debating to have sex, the MOST important thing to always always remember is to respect yourself first. If you don’t want to have sex with someone, absolutely don’t do it. And this applies to other situations too, like being dragged out to sexual places when you may feel more comfortable getting leading adult toys and supplies online, or indeed not getting them at all. There’s nothing wrong with that! Although this boy “hating” you or telling everyone you wouldn’t put out for him may seem like it will end your world, it won’t. There will 100% be some new drama everyone is discussing the day after you shut down that loser.
  • Explore your options: Do not get wifed. We repeat. Do not get wifed. Settling down early on in your freshman year just isn’t a good idea. The best way for you to figure out what you want in a man is to meet as many as possible. Trial and error if you will! Additionally, you’re in a vulnerable place to begin with while you’re in a new environment, making new friends, and trying to figure out what the hell to do with yourself as an adult post-college. While settling down might seem like a good idea, it is likely you could settle for someone just for security and you will subsequently ignore huge red flags. You’ll have more fun playing the field and doing your own thing for a while, trust us on this one.
  • When your world seems like it is OVER, it is not, we promise: There will be times where you will be completely distraught over a guy situation. Whether someone didn’t text you back, you got dumped, a guy chose to bring a girl to a party instead of you, or some other crappy situation. There will eventually come a time where you will back at these times and think, “Why was I so sad over such a loser?!”. We promise this!
  • Walk of shames happen, walk with pride: Whether it follows a promiscuous night or an innocent sleepover with a gal pal, for safety purposes sometimes it is best to stay where you are until the bright and sunny hours of the morning. It’s likely you could get hollered at for your walk of shame, and perhaps quietly judged, but remember, you’re in college. This is going to happen to everyone! Walk with pride!
  • You’re probably still too young to have no strings attached sex: Some girls might think it’s the “cool” thing to do and act like they can have no strings attached with zero feelings or attachments; those girls are liars. Whether or not they have feelings about it at the time, we promise you that this promiscuous behavior will catch up to them in the form of crippling insecurity after allowing themselves to be treated like a disposable sex object to multiple guys. They might be the popular girls’ freshman year, but they’ll be the ones no guy is trying to date come fall of Senior year.
  • There is always someone new to meet: The absolute beauty of college is that it conveniently corrals all of the young boys and girls in one location. As soon as your heart gets broken, remember that you are just one good party or new class away from meeting hoards of new potential dates! Don’t let anyone get you down; college is a time where there truly are more fish in the sea. Once you graduate, you won’t have the convenience of being able to meet people this easily, so soak it up!
  • Be respectful to yourself and others: Being in college gives a lot of daters some kind of justification for being extremely mean and rude. It breeds the IDGAF mentality and whoever cares less wins. Don’t be this person! Be honest with yourself and with who you’re dating always. Remember to not to do others as you wouldn’t want done to you.

Soak up every minute and memory in the next four years! They will fly by! We promise you when you graduate, you will yearn every single day for these glorious years.

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