8 Ways To Find Inspiration When Sitting Down To Write

by Chloe Bennet

Writing is one of the best, most liberating, most creative, and most therapeutic forms of art. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a novel, an article, a blog post, or business content – if you can’t find the inspiration on what to write, you’re going to find it difficult to get words down on paper.

However, inspiration can come in all shapes and formats, especially if you know where to look. Once you’re feeling inspired, the words will flow out onto the paper. There’ll be no stopping you! Getting to that position is half of the journey.

With all this in mind, today we’re going to explore the ways and places you can find writing inspiration, giving you the jolt you need to break through any level of creative block.

1 – Read Blogs

Probably the best way to find inspiration is to simply look online to see what other people are saying. Reading blogs and articles online is a great idea. You don’t have to settle in and get comfortable like you would if you were reading a book, but there’s more than enough content to find something that works for you.

2 – Read Books

Hand in hand with the consideration above, if you fancy taking some time out and getting involved in something else whilst also looking for inspiration, reading a book can be a great thing to do. Sometimes, giving yourself this time to breathe while reading someone’s else writing can be all the inspiration you need.

3 – Look At Photos

Using stock websites like Shutterstock or Unsplash, you can find a photo by searching for a photo prompt. This is a great way to give yourself some inspiration from something seemingly random.

4 – Listen Around You

Of course, simply heading out into the street, or even just lounging around at home, can be a great way to put you in contact of people and the public. Listen out – maybe you’ll be able to overhear a conversation or two. This can be a great way to seek inspiration – you never know what you’re going to hear.

5 – Visit A Writing Forum

“Don’t worry, no matter how blocked your writing inspiration may feel, you’re not alone, and you can be sure there are plenty of other like-minded individuals who in the same position as you. On this page, why not visit a writing forum and check out what other writers are saying and conversing with each other and get some ideas from here,” explains Ben Day, a creative writer for BoomEssays and Essayroo.

6 – Listen To Some Music

There’s a song out there that can make you feel happy, just as there’s a song to make you feel like you want to cry. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into, get out onto the internet and explore what’s out there to see if you can find any inspiration. Better yet, get out of your comfort zone and explore some genres that you might not typically listen to. If you’re into chart music or classical, try listening to heavy rock, or visa versa. It might help you see life differently, inspiring you when it comes to your writing.

7 – Start Keeping A Dream Journal

“While this might not give you the inspiration you need right now, starting a dream journal can be a great way to inspire yourself in the future. Get into the habit of keeping a dream journal and writing in it every single day from the moment you wake up,” shares Amy Pollard, a blog editor for OXEssays and UKWritings.
You’ll be surprised what happens to your creative levels when you’re able to look back and see what you dreamt about six months ago. Get scribbling!

8 – Spend Some Time Alone

Go for a run, go to the gym, go for a walk, visit a local park, or meditate. Sometimes, when you’re trying to force the ability to write, it’s simply not going to work. You can almost make things worse by trying too hard. Instead, give yourself the time to take a break. Give yourself some headspace to think about different things. Try to avoid connecting to the internet and consuming content. Just let yourself be.

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