A Morning Routine For After A Bad Night’s Sleep

by Elizabeth Smith

We’ve all had those nights when we toss and turn with restlessness and just can’t seem to fall asleep. No matter how many sheep we count or breathing techniques we try – nothing seems to do the trick. And when we finally do manage to drift off, we wake up what feels like a hundred times. Those nights are simply terrible. Waking up after one of these nights is quite possibly the worst feeling in the world. The temptation to hit the snooze button is irresistible. But unfortunately, we have to fight the urge to shut our eyes again and pull ourselves out of bed. So how can we make these mornings a little less unbearable? We’ve got some ideas. Here is a morning routine for after a bad night’s sleep.

Resist sleeping in

This may sound like the worst advice in the world when you’re feeling exhausted. But I promise it’s for your own good! Resist the urge to press the snooze button after a bad night of sleep. Research shows that hitting snooze can actually do some damage to your sleep cycle. Sleeping in for that extra 10 or 20 minutes means that you are waking up at different times every day, throwing off your internal body clock. This is likely to make it harder to wake up the next time you need to get up early. So, although it sounds impossible, try to pull yourself out of bed when your first alarm goes off. Give your face a splash with cold water to wake yourself up and head downstairs for breakfast.

Make yourself a wholesome breakfast

As we all know, food is the answer to most problems. And in this case, it definitely is the solution after a bad night’s sleep. Making yourself a wholesome and hearty breakfast is the key to get yourself prepared for the day even when you’re running on a low battery. Eating a healthy meal will restore your energy and help you to feel more productive. Try these nutritious and delicious breakfast recipes. Your body will thank you for it. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Step outside

Getting outside and soaking up some Vitamin D is a great way to help you feel refreshed and reduce stress levels. Why not have a wander around your garden? Or perhaps go on a brisk walk? It may sound like a crazy idea to exercise after a sleepless night, but it will do wonders for you mental state and body clock. The outdoors is proven to help improve your sleep cycle, with early morning sunlight in particular helping people get to sleep quicker at night. So, step outside and enjoy nature, it’ll be sure to wake you up!

Have a little caffeine

If you are a coffee addict like me, then you won’t be able to function without having a cup of coffee in the morning. However, before you drink away your exhaustion with caffeine, hydrate yourself properly with water. Try to drink two glasses of water before your coffee or tea to rehydrate your body. And if you feel like it afterwards, make yourself a hot drink to perk yourself up and get you going for the day. Try to avoid having more than one caffeinated drink per day as this is likely to make you feel burnt out in the afternoon.

Give yourself some time

After a bad night’s sleep, it is important you give yourself time to relax and take it steady. Give yourself some time to sit down and evaluate what you need to get done in the day. Don’t push yourself too much throughout the day, you are going to feel less motivated and productive than usual – and that is ok! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything done. Take some time out to relax, perhaps even take a short 20-minute nap in the middle of the day to re-energise. Looking after your health and mental state is your priority, listen to your body and reward yourself at the end of the day with some self-care.

Having a bad night’s sleep can really throw you off for the whole day. But sticking to this morning routine will help you get through those days where you just feel like climbing back into bed. You have got this!

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