About Taylor Magazine – A Minimalist Guide to Life

by Ceylan Kumbarji

Hi and welcome to Taylor Magazine. Lovely to meet you! Here’s all you need to know about us…

We’re a digital lifestyle magazine… and a minimalist guide to life, ‘taylored’ for you. Born out of the need to focus on all things positive, we believe you can have everything lifestyle, self-care, mindfulness, family, friends, travel and romance in one gorgeous location. We’re all about the positives.

We came from... London but we have over 300 contributing writers from all around the world, and love every single one!

We want… everyone who visits Taylor Magazine to leave feeling more confident, happy and inspired every time they visit us, and know that their stories matter… because they do. We’ve cultivated an online community and a safe, open place for our writers to share the things that matter to them.  Read us if you’re interested in wellness, minimalism, simple living and being the best version of yourself.

We love… connecting with inspiring people from all over the world. Our Careers Corner, a place to find other creatives, continues this sense of community.

We aim to… cultivate and share incredible content with you from people who care about the same things that you do. Though we love flicking through a magazine in the bath, we also wake up and frantically check our emails. And Instagram. And Twitter. We know life’s about balance, and we want to talk about minimalism and lifestyle in a way that’s achievable, rather than idealised.

We’d spend our day off.. probably re-watching our old favourites shows (Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill anyone?) There would probably be a few cups of tea in there, and definitely an unhealthy snack after a hot yoga session.

The definition of taylored is this: “It’s a way of life, doing what you want and customising your life to you.” Pretty appropriate, we’d say.

Some minimalist topics that are so us.