Achieving Minimalism With A Capsule Wardrobe

by Taylor Team

Minimalism has made its footprint in the fashion world along with the rise of the capsule wardrobe. More than ever, minimalism is the new mainstream. Take one scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to see clean, bright images with one main focal point, exemplifying the minimalist aesthetic.

Capsule wardrobes are seasonal clothing collections that contain less than 30 versatile pieces. From there, it’s up to the capsule owner to dig in, find creative ways to dress and exude their personal style without relying on impulse shopping to fill in any gaps.

Taking a cue from bloggers like Caroline of Unfancy, I’ve recently embraced minimalism in my life, as well as taking a capsule approach to my wardrobe. After wiping out half of my closet and donating it to charity, I’m starting anew and think about clothing in a totally different way.

Here are a few tips to help you, if you’re considering starting a capsule wardrobe of your own:

Haven’t Worn It Yet? Toss It Out.

So often we find ourselves holding onto articles of clothing that haven’t been worn in ages – or ever. Ask yourself: why are you keeping stale threads hanging in your closet? If it’s for sentimental value that’s understandable, but consider tossing any clothing that hasn’t seen the light of day in the last year. Donate your old clothing to charity or hosting a party for friends to go through your giveaway goods. It’s a great way to clear out your closet in a purposeful way, making room for the clothes that matter.

Invest In Classic, Quality Pieces.

Now that your closet is prepped and ready, it’s time to go shopping! When shopping for your new capsule wardrobe, keep an eye out for versatile pieces. The ones that can be stretched through all seasons and won’t go out of style in a year’s time. Think dark skinny jeans, a structured blazer in a neutral shade, lightweight sweaters, basic tees and sneakers, flats and heels that will go with everything. A few retailers that are go-tos for great basics are H&M, Madewell, Primark, to start. For accessories, secondhand stores and niche boutiques are great stops for stand-out pieces that you won’t find every person walking down the street wearing. Yes – you can embrace minimalism and still let your style shine through!

Plan Out Your New Outfits.

Once you have your new wardrobe, here comes the fun part: planning out new seasonal ensembles! A convenient way to brainstorm and keep an inventory of your new outfit combos is by creating a Polypore account. Style different sets of outfits and save them for future reference. If you’re stumped as to what to wear one morning, your Polyvore account will be there to remind you of the looks you love. Another way to remain creative with your new pared-down wardrobe? There is a slew of wonderful capsule wardrobe-focused blogs out there that are sure to keep you inspired, like Unfancy, Mademoiselle and Seasons + Salt.

Capsule wardrobes certainly aren’t for everyone, but they’re a great foray into minimalism. Whether you’re dressing for summer or winter, a closet full of versatile pieces you love will always be in style.

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