Affordable Homemade Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

by Olivia Frost

They say best gifts are those from the heart and what better way to show your appreciation for someone you love than a homemade gift! Making a gift doesn’t have to take hours or require you to have a degree in art. As long as you have put all of your love and effort into it, your loved one is sure to be a lot more grateful than if you were to just put some money in a card!

If you like the sound of a homemade gift, but are struggling to decide what to make – then look no further!


Take a trip to a stationery shop and buy all the staples you need for this thoughtful gift: a scrapbook, colourful pens, card and stickers. Simply print out photos of you and the receiver of your gift and gather any keepsakes from all memorable moments you’ve shared with them. These can be anything from concert tickets, programmes to boarding passes. Arrange all of these together across the pages of your scrapbook and include little messages and notes throughout, using colourful pens. To make your scrapbook more exciting, create hidden pockets and envelopes containing these memories. Another unique way to change up your scrapbook is printing out Spotify codes of songs that are memorable to you both. If there’s a song that reminds you of a specific holiday, for example, print it out and add it amongst all of your photos from that trip! That way when your loved one is going through the book, they can stop, scan the code and allow the memories to come flooding back!

Homemade spa package

This is a great idea for anyone who is going through a tough time and deserves some downtime to relax. Grab yourself a large gift box or a crate to create your hamper in, as well as some shredded paper and ribbon to decorate. For the contents of the hamper, why not make your own homemade sugar scrub, as well as including a few essential oils for the ultimate relaxing bath! Include a relaxing scented candle, a few different skincare products, as well as face and hair masks. You can even throw in a robe and a few sweet treats, so the receiver of your gift can truly pamper themself!

Baked goods

This one is sure to go down a treat with anyone, not to mention they’re so simple yet fun to make! Simply bake some of the recipients favourite treats – anything from cookies to brownies to truffles! Display in cute boxes and decorate with ribbon and your gift will be enjoyed thoroughly. Take a look at BBC Good Food’s guide to edible gift recipes here.

DIY emergency beauty kit

This is a great idea if your gift is for a bride to be but can also work for anyone! It’s so easy, yet so useful! Grab a small pouch and go straight to the travel section of a pharmacy or cosmetic shop. Buy all the mini essential items that you could possibly need in an “emergency” – such as deodorant, mouth wash, mascara, make-up wipes, bobby-pins and hairbands just to name a few. The great thing about this gift is that it’s totally free to be personalised to suit your recipient.

Remember that the key thing about each of these gifts is that they can be suited to anyone and everyone, for any occasion! Happy gift giving!

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