Affordable Products That Work On My Sensitive Skin

by Amy Hollywood

Having sensitive skin, I have found it very hard over the years to find products that work for me and don’t result in a rash or acne outbreak.

In the past, I’ve spent hours watching YouTubers recommend high-end products that are out of my price range as well as drug store products that are, unfortunately, cheap for a reason. It’s been hard to find products that work effectively on my skin for an affordable price.

Being familiar with what having sensitive skin is like, I know not every product that works for one person will work for someone else. However, I wanted to share some products that work well for me and don’t break my bank account!

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – Boots, £5.00 

It’s been hard to miss all the talk about The Ordinary over the past few months. Having no clue what ‘Niacinamide’ is, I was very hesitant to buy into the hype. But, after reading multiple reviews, I decided to go for it. This product has transformed my skin! It is especially helpful for those who have oily skin and suffer from redness or pigmentation. Paired with Zinc, the Niacinamide works to brighten the skin, minimise redness and reduce oiliness. 

For me, struggling with spots and sensitive skin seemed like a recipe for disaster. A lot of products that help tame blemishes usually react badly on my skin. However, The Ordinary’s Niacinamide worked instantly for me. I saw results on the first day and within a week all my spots had cleared, my acne scars faded and my skin became a lot smoother.

Definitely one to add to your morning and evening facial routine! 

Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner – Holland & Barratt, £8.99

This toner from Dr Organic leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed! When I first used this product, I applied the toner to a cotton pad and watched as the toner took dirt from my face that I didn’t know was there. With witch hazel, rose water and aloe vera, this toner is the perfect recipe to minimise pimples, clean pores and hydrate your skin! 

With deals such as buy one get one half price and ‘buy one get one for a penny’ at Holland and Barratt, Dr Organic easily becomes affordable and well worth the money!

Did I mention it’s also all-natural and vegan?

Garnier Pure Active 3in1 Charcoal Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub – Boots, £4.99

Products like these usually irritate my skin, but using it as a mask every once in a while and as a scrub for blackheads hasn’t caused me any irritation! With 3 uses in 1, this mask, wash and scrub is well worth the money and works immediately to clear blackheads with instant results.

Simple Pure Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin – Boots, £2.50

Ridiculously simple yet ridiculously effective! As previously mentioned, face washes and scrubs often dont work well with my skin and result in outbreaks and rashes. However, I have found that using bar soap to wash my face does the job without any side effects. This one, in particular, is perfect for sensitive skin. With no perfume or colour, it is ideal for all skin types!

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