All My Love This Valentine’s Day

by allison_f

In this season of love and romanticism, it is difficult to remember to enjoy the times you have as a single individual.  Some women, like myself, are single during this Valentine’s Day, but that has not stopped me from finding the love in all areas of my life.  

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be about romantic relationships!  Expressing love of any kind can make you appreciate all that you do have. When a romantic opportunity comes along, you will already be filled with self-love and have a strong foundation for a relationship.  Here are some ways that I am celebrating my singleness this Valentine’s season.

Make dates with close friends.  

It is so easy to get caught up in the dating game and  friendships can fall to the wayside.  Set aside time this month to maybe go out on a brunch or lunch date with a friend, go to the movies, or simply take a walk and talk together.  Your girlfriends might be feeling the same bitterness toward Valentine’s Day as you!  Take this opportunity to show love and appreciation for your best friends.  

Make time with yourself a priority.  

I love to spend time alone to refresh and unwind.  Do some yoga, go shopping alone, or sit in a coffee shop and watch people pass by.  I love taking a book to the beach or any outdoor setting and feeling the breeze on a nice day.  Showing yourself some love is important and I guarantee it will make you feel good!

Do some volunteering.  

Helping others is another way to feel and express love and kindness.  It can be as simple as helping out a family member, or as big as working at a homeless shelter.  Whatever you choose to do, you can’t help but feel good about yourself!  I like to spend time at an animal shelter and play with the puppies.  Even love shared with an animal is special type to be celebrated. 

Keep a list of things that you love about yourself/your life.  

Every day of February, or even the week of Valentine’s Day, jot down in a journal something that you love about yourself or your life.  If it is difficult to find things you love about your physical appearance for instance, acknowledge your own personality traits that you love.  If you have an enjoyable career or love going to school, express it!  Love doesn’t have to be toward a living thing; it can be toward an object or occupation as well.  

It’s not all about the couples.

As I look back at Valentine’s Day last year, I remember feelings of bitterness I had toward the holiday and envy I experienced watching couples celebrate their love.  I did not understand that ANY type of love could be celebrated on this day and any day of the year, for that matter.  

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to find other forms of love in your life, and celebrate them with the endearment and excitement you would in a romantic relationship. Don’t let bitter feelings get in the way of a chance to have fun!

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