Why It’s Almost Impossible To Find A Job At A Child-Bearing Age

by Sophie Koger
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

Some of us know since childhood what they want to be when they adults. They go to school, then to university and when they are in their twenties they have their graduations. The others don’t know what their future is about. They go to school, start to working, travel the world, start working somewhere else and finally know and go to study at a university. In their twenties or thirties they are all over qualified and want to find a save job without any experience. The start to apply at jobs and hope they get one for long-term. We are so happy when the company that we applied call us and want us for a job interview. Thinking we did pretty well and just wait for the call that we have the job. Than the Phone rings…. And…we don’t get the job. The Question is why? Yeah… Just because our biology give us the chance to get pregnant. No matter if we plan to have kids or not. It is nearly impossible for women in our age to get a job.

The Child-Bearing age is between 14 – 44 Years so, what should we women do? Not working in this Time?

They don’t care if we are good in what we do, they just think about the business. I meet a lot of women they had the same or still have. One of them is Jennifer; she is 27, has the doctor title of biology and has a little child. She had a job interview and everything went really well and then she got the call, they said because Jennifer has one child, no husband, they can’t give her the job because they think she isn’t able to make over hours’. But what they don’t know and not even think about is that her parents are not working anymore and they could pick up the boy from Childcare. So she could be. Another big problem is that the most company’s want the we have a lot of experience. In some Job offers the say they want someone between 25-35 Years with a doctor title and 15 years experience, that sounds so ridiculous. And it is impossible. I also can’t believe that there are still different between man and woman. A man can also stay at home and take care of their children.

The big question is what can we or the companies do about it?

The sad truth is we can’t really do something. The company and society have to change their way of thinking. And give the same change to everyone. Just because we are women and we could have kids should not be a reason to don’t get the job.

One change could be to go open minded to a job interview and tell them how our plans look like if we want in close future kids or not. We only have to show the employers that we are the right person for this job. To be honest is always the best way. And I hope that employers start to think in a different way and realize without us the miss some strong and intellectually women.

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