An Alternative Route: 7 Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

by Lucy Freeman

If the university/academic life isn’t for you (it’s really not for everyone), then don’t feel disheartened. University really isn’t all what it’s made out to be. When deciding the direction of my future, I was told that I should only go to university if I felt that I needed to for my career. Don’t feel obligated to go just because all your friends are. Think about the amount of money you’d be spending just for the experience!

We’re forced to decide what we want to do at such a young age and this is super scary. There’s no harm in trying something out and then deciding that it’s just not for you. If you don’t feel like university is for you then not to worry! There’s so many different jobs you can do that don’t require a degree. Check out below the jobs you can do:


There are so many journalism courses at university, and don’t get me wrong, many of them really help you get your foot in the career door! But journalism is something you can totally do without a degree. All you need is a great story. Learn how to pitch and create a network of contacts. There are also apprenticeships and internships you can do to help you boost your CV. As well as journalism, you can blog and write without a degree. This is something that will inevitably start small, but who knows, it could become your career.

Personal Assistant

So many people say this is the perfect job to land when you’ve just finished school. There are so many different industries that you can work in as a personal assistant. Maybe choose an area that you’re interested in, such as fashion, dentistry, or tech, and see if anyone is looking for a personal assistant. This is a great role to start off in, and you can grow and become higher up with experience.

Marketing/PR Assistant

This is quite similar to a personal assistant. Sometimes marketing and PR roles require a degree, but if you’re looking for your first steps onto the career ladder, this would be a great role. Assisting a marketing team with their everyday needs could be your doorway to learning so much about marketing and PR. This is an example of another job where you can work your way up – without a degree!

HR Manager

Have you just finished school and you’re currently working part-time in your local Tescos? Don’t feel disheartened about your future if you have no idea what route to take, and you fear you’ll be stuck at Tesco’s forever. It just so happens that working in retail is the perfect chance to grow and become a HR manager (pssst they earn quite a bit of money!). Apply for supervisor roles, then manager roles, and work your way up to the top.

The Fashion Industry

If you have a passion for fashion then a career in the fashion industry would suit you so well! There are so many ways you can start off in this industry, such as applying for internships and work experience, writing fashion blogs, or starting out as a shop assistant in great places such as Topshop. No job is too small for you, especially in the fashion industry where one of these roles can lead you to somewhere big.


Just like with journalism and blogging; photography is a career path that doesn’t require a degree – just a portfolio of work. A degree in photography might teach you things that can take you a bit longer to understand if you didn’t go. But all you really need is a business card, a great portfolio, a website, and a passion for taking pictures and creating content! Who knows where this could lead you.

Cabin Crew

Right now this is probably one of the last jobs you’d ever consider taking. But the travel industry will always be booming. Eventually things will calm down, and everyone will be travelling again. You don’t need a degree to become a part of the cabin crew. It’s an amazing job that allows you to travel the world. All you need to do is take part in a course and have a passion for travelling!

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