Be Your Own Inspiration: Changing Your Mentality

by Li Yakira Cohen

I’ve learned a lot about inspiration recently. Since I began sharing my writing online, many people have sent me messages filled with kind words. I have never received such positive feedback from so many people, and let me tell you, it’s an incredible feeling.

Knowing you inspire others is not only humbling, but it helps you understand the responsibility that comes with living. We are human beings – as in, we exist to be our best selves so we may help others to do the same.

To inspire others, we have to look inward and discover the motivation that lies within us.

As individuals, we have the unrequited desire to seek out motivation from the outside world. We yearn for acceptance to improve our own lives and give us confidence. We search for people to mentor us and seek out sayings that inspire us to be better.

Inspirational moments encompass our lives but the problem is, moments are only temporary. Mentality, on the other hand, is more permanent and must be the driving force. Don’t get me wrong… the world, as a whole, is quite inspirational. People and places become more beautiful by the minute and life becomes better by the day. Unfortunately, that beauty is not always clear. Some people view the world as a serene adventure. They see an endless green meadow filled with birds and the warm rays of the sun. Others look at life as an arduous journey and focus on only the negativity.

For the past few months, I have focused on changing aspects of my life that weighed me down. I evaluated my actions and became intentional with my goals.  I’ve made changes that contribute to my happiness and have allowed me to figure out who I am.

The quotes I memorised, books I read and public figures I idolised didn’t matter. I was, and am, the one in charge of my life. I’ve sorted out my values and dreams and plastered them all around my house. I have become my own inspiration to do better, to be better, every day.

To see the serene adventure, you have to shift your mind to be optimistic. This mentality not only brightens your outlooks but also spreads that outlook to others. It creates an aura that others feed off of to generate their own positivity and construct their own serenities.

Life’s hurdles are not impossible tasks

They are challenges that you need to overcome. Even on the darkest nights, the stars glisten to guide you to your destination. Those stars represent your dreams. There is no secret recipe for success, no matter what titles you see at the bookstore. Success is locked within your heart, and your mentality is the key to unlocking it. To achieve your dreams and goals, you have to decide to commit to the challenge. Nobody can do it for you. After all, if life was meant to be easy it wouldn’t really be living.

When you are born, you are born destined for greatness. Most people don’t achieve that greatness because they don’t realise the potential within them. I’m not saying it’s an easy journey, but it is definitely worthwhile. No good story has a hero who doesn’t suffer from adversity; the hero is triumphant in the end because he or she decides to prosper.

So, look around you and use your sense of wonder. Daydream in a garden on a sunny day. Pick someone to look up to and ask for advice. Observe your surroundings to channel the inspiration within. Appreciate the world to help unlock your potential and enhance the beauty around you. Inspiring yourself helps you unlock the potential in others.

Don’t wait for the right person or circumstance to walk into your life. Make yourself the right person to walk into someone else’s life.

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