What It’s Like To Be A Redhead In The Summer

by Kaitlin Bradley

Everyone knows that redheads are a special specimen of their own. We are notorious for our fiery locks and fierier tempers. But there’s one season that always challenges even the fieriest of them all: summer. As a redhead, I’ll guide you through what it’s like to be one in the summer.

Sunscreen Will Always Be A Must

Redheads are typically born with fairer skin than those with any other hair colour. As a result of this, we have to double up on protective measures. While everyone should be protecting their skin from UV rays, they will never know the skin struggle like a redhead does. We can get sunburn after being outside for a mere 20 minutes. Whilst sitting in the shade… and wearing a hat. So, sunscreen must always be applied (and reapplied!), a hat must be worn and shade after sitting out for a while is a must.

Welcome To Freckle City baby!

What’s a redhead without their freckled face? While most redheads won’t get an even tan while being out in the sun, we’re sure to leave with about a dozen new freckles across our nose, shoulders and arms. Freckles are known to be triggered by exposure to sunlight, and have become something of a trend in recent years. Us redheads? A quick walk outside in the sunshine will add to our freckle count.

Taste The Red Rainbow

Redheads have the an amazing variation of hair shades! Anywhere from deep auburns, warm oranges to bright coppers, it’s beautiful and once the sun comes out, so do our natural highlights. Personally, my auburn hair gets streaked with copper, fire engine red, and blonde when I spend time out in the summer sun. It’s one of the beauties of being a redhead; we don’t have to chemically fabricate sun-kissed locks. Our hair changes naturally and the sun brings out tones and shades that don’t pop out any other time of year.

Summer Style Is As Cool As A Cucumber

We’re pretty lucky because our typically pale complexion and bright red hair means that we are the perfect ladies to pull off the cool tones in the summer! Blues and greens and purples, oh my! A redhead’s best friends during the warmer months are their cool toned pieces and soft makeup to bring a little balance. Think pastels and bright options.

Redhead? I See Ya

Remember what I said about our natural highlights and freckles having that extra pop during the summer months? Well, that leads to even more lingering stares when our iridescent locks catch the light. Studies show that red catches more attention, especially in dating situations.

Regardless of your shade, all redheads know the struggles of making it through the hot summer months. We have to really go to extra lengths to ensure we’re well-protected from the sun and try our hardest to avoid the nightmare that is sunburn. But, none of us would change our colouring for the world. Only 1-2% of the human population are natural born redheads. Enjoy the summer fiery ladies, and remember we were born this way.

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