5 Ways To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

by Taylor Team

So, your best friend asks you to be her maid of honour and you?re over the moon. You haven?t felt so good about yourself since the last time you got laid. As fun as it is to be someone?s right hand woman, it?s hard being a maid of honour. One of the reasons, besides having to answer the brides every melt down text rant, is you are responsible for the bachelorette party. She’s probably already stressed from finding the perfect wedding location to getting the perfect dress. And the dress is a big deal! As her maid of honour you should be making sure that you are looking at every website (like https://www.winniecouture.com/franchise), when she’s trying to find a dress. It’s very important that you help her through it and at the end of the day she’ll have found the perfect dress. The dress, food, location, flowers, are the only things that she should really have to worry about as a bride.

When throwing a party, it?s inevitable that you?ll get stressed out and crazy trying to plan, book and budget. Plus, you have to try and make it appealing and manageable for not only you and your BFF bride, but all of the other bridesmaids… even her obnoxious soon to be sister-in-law.

The last thing your home girl wants before her big day is a cheesy, unoriginal, ridiculous party that you put no thought or effort into. So, get off the generic brides websites and put down the tutorials. Here are some things to keep in mind when you?re in charge of the last single ladies bash:

1) Stay away from the penis.

The first thing that everyone thinks of when it comes to throwing a bachelorette party is penis.

Don?t be a prude, you know that whenever someone gets the duty of throwing this epic party, they run to a sex shop and buy everything shaped like a dick. Dick straws, dick cakes, dick sucking candies. Now unless the bride specifically wants a night filled with scrotum and balls, stay away from all the genitalia. It makes the party seem cheesy and unoriginal, and a lot of the time the bride gets left with all the left over favours. I?m sure her husband to be doesn?t want to entertain their guests with cocktails and cock straws. I hear bachelorette party supplies at Bachelorette Box are a good option for your party favor needs.

2) Forget ordering a stripper.

Sure, ordering a male stripper dressed like a cop or a firefighter sounds fun, but in reality, it?s really awkward. Although every movie and TV show makes it seem like a great time when a guy dry humps your friend?s leg, it?s costly and annoying, and most of the other girls are going to be just sitting around watching which, sounds more like a PornHub video than it does a bachelorette party. Unless your friend seriously wants a stripper, there?s no point in wasting your money.

3) Take everyone into consideration.

You may not know all of the bridesmaids very well, but you should get in contact with them when planning the shindig. Sometimes, bachelorette parties can be really expensive or really hard to schedule. It?s annoying to have to accommodate everything that everyone wants, but you should take everyone?s issues into consideration. If your brides? best work friend can?t make it the weekend you want, reschedule. If your brides? sister doesn?t want to do a club scene, opt for a fun restaurant or lounge instead. Remember that all of these people are important to your friend, so their opinions should be important to you in planning.

4) Stay away from the cheesy games.

Nobody wants to play ’21 Questions’ or ‘Never Have I Ever’. Your friend is getting married, not pledging a sorority. While every website in the world will tell you that games are what make a bachelorette party fun, they actually make the party pretty damn awkward and uncomfortable. Although the bridesmaids may all know each other, they?re not super close and opening up to people over a deck of cards seems forced.

5) Keep the bride out of the loop, and out of her wallet.

Never make the bride pay for anything, and I mean anything. This party is about her having fun and her letting loose. Don?t put pressure on her to decide what to do and where to go. Of course, her opinion is super important but don?t make her decide. She has enough pressure trying to figure out her dress, her flowers and how to keep her in-laws far away from her parents.

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