But, Like, What’s the Offside Rule? Celebrating the Female Sports Fan

by Kayla Lupoli-Nolan
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… contrary to popular belief my breasts do not stop me from learning about and loving a sport! Surprise! Being a female sports fan is not uncommon but yet it somehow still seems to shock and surprise people. I love the game and I have so many friends from all over the place who think that supporting their favorite team is brilliant and gives them a rush! A friend of mine who recently moved to Australia was delighted to see that they had their own football/sports teams for her to support since she is an avid watcher. She has already kitted herself out in collingwood merchandise, so she is ready to go.

Because of the constant need to prove ourselves as “true sports fans,?? there’s a decent chance we know random facts that people usually don’t know. Yet, when we use these facts to our advantage we’re told that we don’t know what we’re talking about.? Or you are confronted with an array of quizzical looks from guys that? want to know how you know so much. Because clearly,? your sporting knowledge? needs an explanation. Being a sports fan and a female is like being between a rock and a hard place. As a female fan, you can be categorised into two separate groups. You’re either a) trying to impress “the guys?? or b) trying to sleep with the players.

First, I cannot tell you the amount of articles written about pretending to know the game to impress a guy or how to get through playoffs for the sake of a guy. It makes you wonder whether or not these writers have actually been to a game in recent years. Or if they have been successful in the pursuit of their crazy sports-loving man.

Sports are more often than not something that you grow up with, whether you play or just enjoy watching it (and no, not just for the purpose of the burley? men in? tight shorts). You learn about the sport from your parents, watching the games, and making friends with people through the sport. So, why is there this notion that only women try to impress guys with sports knowledge? Why is there this overwhelming? notion that I’m only pretending to like a sport because of a guy? I can guarantee you that I know as much as the next guy? in the crowd? so stop pretending like I don’t know how long Brett Lawrie was on the Blue Jays for. Hint, it was three years.

Now, let’s tackle? the other presumption. Raise your hand if you’ve been called any of the following: puck slut, puck bunny, cleat chaser, jersey chaser, or any other form of those depending on the sport. First of all, if someone wants to sleep with a player why is it any of your business? The correct answer is that it’s not. There is no reason that you should shame someone just because they sleep with athletes. So what if their type is a baseball player? To each their own. Second of all, hell to the yeah if you sleep with a professional athlete! They can be pretty attractive and if there’s a mutual attraction between you and them, you go, girl, you go. Shaming a female for sleeping with a sports player but NOT shaming a male for doing the same exact thing is pretty wrong and that’s called slut shaming, friends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or a female slut shaming, it’s still slut shaming.

It’s not only male fans who do this either. Even women will hate on other women based solely on what they wear to a game. I cannot tell you how many games I’ve been to when someone behind me is talking crap because the girl three rows in front of us decided to wear heels and jeans instead of a jersey. Why does it matter? Who hurt you that you have to hate on your own gender? That girl decided to wear an outfit and she’s rocking it so leave her alone. There are plenty of times I decided to look cute at a game instead of wearing a jersey. Not every single fan owns one. That’s just the way it is.

Wake up, sports fans! It’s not new that women like sports – we really do like them! We watch, follow and play our favorite sports, we have our favorite teams and sometimes we’ll even take part in fantasy baseball, which can be such a fun and exhilarating sport to take part in, so many of my friends and family take part in it and really enjoy themselves – https://www.fanduel.com/fantasy-baseball – why should that be so strange? Some people seem to find it even stranger that women partake in the gambling side of sports with placing bets. Gambling is not just for men; you’ll find both men and women on sites like Casino-Korea.com, thank you very much! So, please stop thinking we’re only interested in sports to impress people or to sleep with a certain group of athletes. Also, please stop asking me what the blood type of the coach’s daughters ex-boyfriends cousins dog is. I really doubt you even know what it is. And if you do… well then, you have your own problems.

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