Can True Friendships Ever Be Broken Beyond Repair?

by Olivia Bouchard

In my experience, I have found that friendships can be the easiest things in the world. They can require no effort from either person in order for them to thrive. And they can strengthen completely naturally over time.

However, the flip side of this is that I’m only 20, and I already feel like I’ve had a fair share of difficulties in my friendships over the years. It’s hard to say why that is exactly. But when I think about it I tend to conclude it’s because friendships are exactly that: difficult. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this. As the human race, we are a co-dependant species. Friendships are literally a part of our survival. So then, why are they sometimes the hardest things for us to hold on to? I suppose when the difficulties start weighing us down then the friendship doesn’t feel so easy and natural anymore. 

This is usually when we start questioning if the friendship we have with someone is worth the hassle

When a friendship isn’t working out anymore, are we better off to call it quits? It may seem severe but sometimes the people we care for the most end up hurting us the most, and what are we meant to do when that happens? 

Have you ever had a friend who’s ended up hurting you?

Maybe they did something that you never thought they would and it broke all the trust between you. If you’re lucky enough for that not to have happened in your life, then I envy you. 

In the past, I have severed ties with someone because our friendship was doing us both more harm than good. It took a long time, and featured a lot of arguing and making up and then arguing again. It wasn’t pretty. But it was what had to be done. And I truly believe we are both better off for it. 

However, I think there’ll always be the question in the back of my mind of what could be. I guess no matter how broken a friendship becomes, if you have truly cared for someone, they’ll never be out of your mind for good. 

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who’ve dealt with a similar situation (or two). I think ultimately, a true friendship is never broken beyond repair but repairing it isn’t always in the best interest of either person concerned. 

Sometimes we have to learn to let go, but still be grateful for the good times.

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