Career Profile: Scout & Mady of Okay Sis

by Catriona Beck
Career Profile: Scout & Mady of Okay Sis

Names: Scout and Mady

Job: Founders of the podcast Okay, Sis

Self-care solutions: Scout “I love meditating. It helps reboot my brain and keeps me grounded. Journaling is also a really big part of my self-care practice. If the crazy is amped up, a good yoga class always does the trick. ” // Mady – For me, working out is necessary for mental clarity. Daily meditation and gentle self-talk also allow me to maintain a level of calm and focus throughout my day.

“Not only do we find humour on the podcast, but we also strive for each episode to have substance, so listeners can walk away feeling at ease and informed.” – Mady, Okay Sis

Taylor Magazine: Tell us about you and what you do!

Scout: I’m Scout – I serve as half of Okay Sis podcast and sister to Mady. Together, we interview different female entrepreneurs and chat about our current fixations on our podcast.

Mady: I’m Mady, the other half of the podcast Okay Sis. On each episode, you can expect plenty of sisterly banter and discovery. We are very curious and phase-y sisters, so our current fixations range anywhere from mindfulness apps, to Bachelor nation, to skincare, to books that have scintillated us.

Taylor Magazine: What did you guys do before the podcast?

Scout: Before the podcast, I had my own print publication magazine called Entityy which was then bought and transformed into Entity Mag, a women’s media site. I also ran my own blog and my own personal podcast for a year before transitioning into Okay Sis.

Mady: After graduating from USC three years ago, I fell in love with the tech landscape in LA and have been working at startups ever since. Additionally, I host a book club for LA millennial women called Girls’ Night In Reads because I’m a dedicated bibliophile.

Taylor Magazine: What is it about your podcast that makes it stand out?

Scout: I think our sororal energy brings a fresh, raw, and silly vibe to the podcasting world. As sisters, we aren’t afraid to go there. Mady may pick on me one too many times, but we are both having so much fun and I think that comes across on each episode.

Mady: Because of the sister aspect, guests fit in seamlessly with us, and it feels as though we’ve invited them over for a slumber party. Not only do we find humour on the podcast, but we also strive for each episode to have substance, so listeners can walk away feeling at ease and informed.

Taylor Magazine: How do you find the women you want to talk to and find out more about?

Scout: Instagram! The most powerful networking tool around.

Mady: We either DM or cold email women we feel most inspired by and that we believe have an invaluable story to deliver.

Taylor Magazine: Favourite thing about creating a podcast?

Scout: Getting to chat with so many inspiring women. Our rolodex of women has grown tremendously and we are getting to know different women from so many different industries. I want to pinch myself sometimes because I get to sit down with rad female guests and just pick their brain twice a week.

“I want to pinch myself sometimes because I get to sit down with rad female guests and just pick their brain twice a week.” – Scout, Okay Sis

Mady: Scout’s right. Who else gets to say that they have the chance to sit down with their girl crushes for an hour just to chat? It’s the exceptional part about having a long-form medium such as a podcast.

Taylor Magazine: What is the biggest challenge you face?

Scout: The Instagram algorithm.

Mady: Being constantly innovative about determining new channels for growth.

Taylor Magazine: What is it like to work alongside each other as sisters?

Scout: It’s amazing. We have gotten so much closer since starting Okay Sis. When you work with your sister, you can be real at all times. There is no professional facade. We get to the point and aren’t afraid of something as trivial as a fight. This keeps communication open at all times.

Mady: Being sisters has felt like more of an advantage than an obstacle. We are completely raw with one another and aren’t deterred by the barriers you would face in a typical working environment. Also, poking fun at Scout allows for some premium content 😉

Career Profile: Scout & Mady of Okay Sis

Taylor Magazine: Talk us through an average day for you!

Scout: Wake up early, have my coffee, do Instagram engagement, check our numbers, check our email, drink a soylent, journal, go to work, podcast after work, eat dinner and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine with my husband, meditate, read my book, and off to sleep by 9:00 pm.

Mady: We’re both exclusively morning people. I wake up early, read for an hour while drinking coffee, journal, meditate, work out, go to work, podcast after work, wind down with my skincare routine, and fall asleep listening to Friends.

Taylor Magazine: What advice would you each give your 16-year-old selves?

Scout: You’ll find your voice and you’ll find it in a big, beautiful way. You’ll create things. You’ll be okay.

Mady: The fiery energy you possess will be channeled and rerouted to create purposeful things. Also, wear sunscreen.

Taylor Magazine: Life mottos, or advice you always live by?

Scout: One of my first jobs was working at a gelato shop. I couldn’t open up a can and asked my boss to open it up for me. He said, “What would you do if I wasn’t here?” I said, “I would figure out how to open the can.” He passed the can back to me and let me figure it out. In the end, I opened the can. That has been my motto ever since – just figure it out.

Mady: On her episode on Recode Decode, Emily Weiss said, “Do the next right thing.” This simplistic advice helps to alleviate the strain of viewing everything through a macro lens. It reminds you to move through each moment and decision with intention and grace.

Taylor Magazine: What’s next for Okay Sis?

Scout: We have a lot of really exciting guests coming on and we are hoping to do some IRL live tapings in 2019! So, stay tuned.

Mady: Ready, sisters?

Listen to the girls’ podcast here (you won’t want to miss an episode, believe us!). Also, follow them on social to keep up to date with their latest news!

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