Lifestyle Changes You Should Embrace This Spring

by Elizabeth Smith

It’s time to bid farewell to the winter blues and welcome in the most delightful season of all – spring! A season that welcomes new beginnings in every sense and embraces change with open arms. Spring is the perfect time for a revamp in your life. Whether that be in your home, with regards to your relationships or you just want to make some healthy changes, there is no better time to do so than now. Spring symbolises renewal and change, a time to get rid of old habits and create a happier life. You can utilise this shift in the seasons to the fullest by incorporating new and healthy habits into your everyday life. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some ideas! Here are some of our recommendations on changes you can make this spring for a happier life:

Evaluate your current lifestyle

Spring is the perfect time to analyse your previous unhealthy habits and change them. It is a season to evaluate the areas of your life you want to improve on. Think about the various things that shape your life including your work, relationships and routines. Make a list of strengths and weaknesses amongst these categories and focus on the areas that you feel need improvement. Perhaps you need to create a more balanced work-life relationship, or maybe you need to reach out to your friends more.

Thinking about the little things in life that you may not have considered before will be sure to create a healthier and happier life. Spring is the perfect time to revitalise your life. You need to look at yourself honestly and start focusing on making changes to improve your livelihood.

Spring cleaning and organisation

Who doesn’t love a little bit of spring cleaning? This season, try to take a look at your space and figure out what needs a freshen up. Perhaps you need to organise your wardrobe and switch out the old woolly jumpers for floral skirts. Or maybe you need to tidy up your at-home workspace and create the ultimate productive space.

We can often neglect the space around us when things get busy and chaotic. Take a breath of fresh air this spring and simplify your environment. Get rid of the things that clutter up your space, this will instantly make your surroundings feel much lighter and cleaner. Take a look at your food cupboards and think about replacing unhealthy foods with nutritious alternatives. Spring is the perfect time to switch up everything around you for a healthier and organised mindset.

Step outdoors and embrace the spring weather

Personally, I spent the entirety of winter wrapped up in a cosy blanket on the sofa. The cold and dark afternoons made it almost impossible to feel motivated to get outside. Now that we’re out of hibernation, the sun is starting to poke through the clouds and the air feels fresh, why not embrace the shift in the weather and step out into nature?

Spring is the best time to plan out a new exercise routine too! Maybe you could try going on a long walk with a friend every week. Perhaps you could try out a HIIT workout routine in your garden every morning. Embarking on a new season is a great time to switch up your exercise routine and get moving! Your body and mind will thank you for any small changes you make to try and keep fit.

Look at your relationships

Sometimes it’s important that we consider the people around us as well. Taking the time to examine the quality of your relationships is important. If there are problems amongst these relationships, then it might stop you from achieving better things. Stop surrounding yourself with people that drain your energy and put your time into people that nourish your wellbeing. At the same time, try to cultivate a forgive and forget attitude to those who have done you wrong and turn a new leaf. Spring is a good time to let go of the things that you have been holding onto.

Celebrate the new season with a happy and grateful attitude towards life. Learn from your past mistakes and old habits. Spring is a refreshing and enlightening time to develop yourself into a healthier and happier person. So, what are you waiting for!?

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