‘Twas The Night Before Christmas… Christmas Eve Traditions To Adopt This Year

by Olivia Frost

Although Christmas may be a little different this year (like everything else!), that doesn’t mean that traditions have to go out of the window. If your traditions do surpass the rule of six people we are allowed to see, then there’s always our friend Zoom, who has been there for us all a lot this year!

If you and your family don’t have any Christmas Eve traditions, then there’s no better time to start than the present! Whether it be a special meal or a specific film you sit down to watch, Christmas Eve traditions are the best way to get you ready and excited for Christmas.

Here are a few Christmas Eve traditions for you and your family to try out this year.

Family Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love buying and receiving presents, and why wouldn’t you want to open one a day early! A week or so before Christmas Eve, write everyone’s name down on a piece of paper and get everyone to pick out a name from a Santa hat. Set a budget before you start, and then buy (or make!) a present for the recipient you picked. Be sure to keep the name a secret! Then, when it comes to Christmas Eve, everyone puts their labelled presents in the middle of the table and open them in turn. Not only do you get the joy of opening your present, but you also get the fun of trying to work out who has bought your present!

Host A Family Games Night

Get into the Christmas spirit by getting the festive music playing all whilst playing your favourite family games! Dig out those board games you put away last Christmas and get ready to get competitive. Choose a prize for the winner, either allowing them to open a present early or letting them be the first to get their Christmas Dinner! Even if you can’t have everyone around for your games night, set up a Zoom call, so everyone can be involved! Make sure you let everyone know what games you are planning on playing, so they can be fully prepared for your family games battle!

Matching Pyjamas

What says Christmas Eve more than matching festive pyjamas! You can even get your dog involved in the festive fun with these matching, men’s, women’s, kids and pet pyjamas! Cosy up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas movie to get you into the spirit!

Hold A Gingerbread House Competition

Set you and your family the ultimate Christmas bake-off! Get all the ingredients ready that you will need for your gingerbread houses, including lots of sweets and icing for the all important decorating! Decide on a neutral family member to be the judge and let the competition begin; ready, steady, bake!

Go Out For A Dusk Walk

Wrap up warm and have a walk around your neighbourhood and admire all the sparkling Christmas lights that are lighting up your street. Decide which house you think has the best decorations and lights and let them know! Then, when you come back inside from the freezing cold, you’ll appreciate the warmth and cosiness of your home even more.

Whatever you do this Christmas Eve, be sure to stay safe and most importantly have fun! Let us know what some of your Christmas Eve traditions are!

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