Coffee Shops To Escape From Work – London Edition

by Bianca Buffone

No matter what your profession is, work can sometimes be stressful, and for some stress is a part of their everyday work life, which results in breakdowns and an extensional crisis on a daily basis. There?s nothing more important than a work-life balance and finding time for yourself to forget those work worries and unwind. Even though London is a city buzzing with people there are a lot of spots to escape that work and city craziness, and just take time for yourself. Sometimes all you really need is a good book and latte and all that stress melts away. There some amazing coffee shops in London and they use the finest ingredients. I know of a few people who have had coffee shops of their own and their businesses are thriving. So many people love coffee, so you can’t go wrong with having a little coffee shop in this field. The only thing they had to get done urgently used the assistance of a door repair company, but other than that, they are doing well.

Many coffee shop owners are still unaware of how easy it is to find high-quality bulk coffee wholesale priced.


This airy coffee shop located in Shoreditch is the perfect spot to getaway after a long week at work. Even though the coffee shop is always buzzing with people; you do feel a sense of calm. Probably because the sun is always shining through and the place is filled with plants, I mean who wouldn?t feel more relaxed and zen.


This cozy little spot just opened up by London Fields, it?s filled with flowers and splashes of bright colors that put you in a good mood right away. What?s great about Diddy?s is that even though it?s on the main road, it?s never super busy or crowded with people. So it?s the perfect spot to grab a latte and curl up with your favorite book. Did I mention that this place turns into a bar at night, so once you?ve relaxed you could stay and enjoy a drink afterward, what better way to forget those work woes.


This retro caf? really takes you back to a time when peace and love, and living like a hippie was totally acceptable. If feeling like a hippie doesn?t relax you I don?t know what will! This 70s inspired caf? in Islington not only takes you back in time but it also makes you forget all that time you put in at work. Leave all your stress at the door and curl up in an armchair and listen to some vinyl records and wait for all your worries to melt away.

Maison D?etre

This quaint little caf? in Islington is a wonderful spot to escape those work woes. To inhale some of the best cake in East London that would make even Marie Antoinette jealous. The moment you try one of their cakes you completely forget all that work stress because all you?re worried about is how many cakes you could have in one seating without being too excessive.

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