Date Night Done Right: 6 Romantic Restaurants in London

by Louisa Green

Whoever says the cinema is the perfect place for a date, is getting this whole romance thing wrong. I’m not sure how sitting quiet for three hours is the best way of getting to know one another… But maybe that’s just me? Here in London, there are so many incredibly fun and unique places to have a date night, where you can enjoy some delicious food and great company!

When it comes to first dates and romantic evenings, what could be more perfect than a night out with good food and great wine served in a comfortable, yet electric setting? Here is a guide to some of the best restaurants in London where date night is made fun & easy, and sharing is most definitely caring.

1. Bala Baya

Travel to Tel Aviv in this new-ish gem, nestled behind Southwark station. Whilst the courtyard area outside is perfect for summer evenings, inside is as equally fun. The modern Middle Eastern vibe makes you feel comfortable in no time. Now, about that food. The idea is to share multiple plates, which I can assure you is a good idea as you’ll want to try everything.

Go for the beef if you’re extra hungry, or pick at the tea-stained aubergine or the cauliflower crumble!

The inviting atmosphere and warming staff are the perfect welcome for your evening of romance. Shalom!

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2. Chicken Shop

For those who are after a more child out vibe, this one’s for you. Except if your vegetarian, soz. It’s very simple here, all you do is order a whole chicken (yes, no one likes a shy one on a first date), and pick your favourite sides. It’s quick, fun, easy and most importantly, delicious. I recommend this as a quick bite before you head off somewhere else. It may not take up the whole of your evening, so if the two of you aren’t bored of each other by the end of the meal, then you may need a plan for afterwards.

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3. Pix Bar 

We’ve all been in that awkward situation of never knowing what to order on a first date. Well, Pix Bar has sorted out all your worries. Instead of ordering off a menu, all the food is laid out across the bar and you can go up and select however many different bites you endeavour. It’s basically genius. Plus, there’s plenty of options which means people of all diets & allergies are safe to eat there— fuss free.

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4. Dishoom

This Bombay Cafe takes you straight off the streets of London and welcomes you into a bustling Indian dining experience. The vast menu includes many traditional Indian dishes as well as incredible cocktails with spices just like those in the markets. The general atmosphere is electric, with friendly waiters and fast-service, this place has great energy to support you on the date. Just a note: when busy, queuing can be up to an hour here. But hey, a perfect chance to chat with your date before you start to smell of Masala… Nice.

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5. Escocesa

Now, the best places to share food would be a Spanish Tapas restaurant, right? Well this hidden gem located in Stoke Newington is the only one you need to know about.

Think paellas, scallops and oysters whilst sipping on the finest Spanish vino.

However, if you’re going to be sharing, then the Charcuterie board is for you. All the meat, please! The super cosy vibe also allows you to completely relax, which is just what you need to settle any nerves.

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6. Kimchee

I’m not sure what could be better on a first date than to have your own barbecue at the table. At Kimchee, there are multiple set menus in which to choose from. Cooking together on a first date, how cute is that?! This Korean cuisine is perfect for those who want to explore new flavours and dishes. I guess the only question is, who does the cooking?

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In whatever city you live in, you can find your own hidden gems of fine cuisine and wine! Explore your area and try and be adventurous, even when it comes to the nerve-wracking feeling of first dates or new people.

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