Dear Ex, Thank You For Breaking My Heart

by ushma Makwana
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Dear Ex,

I sincerely thank you for breaking my heart. You have forced me to become the strong and independent woman I am now.

Everyone has felt heartbreak, whether you were in a relationship with the other person or not. You can feel heartbreak over a crush, an infatuation or simply the one. As soon as your head hits that pillow and your eyes are closed they appear in your mind unwelcomed. You hadn’t thought about them the whole day, the whole week or even month but there they are again, residing in the depths of your mind.

Every scenario has played in your head. The day you broke up. The day they got with someone else. The day you finally broke. But there’s that one scenario that plays in everyone’s head after a break up, the day you’ll see them again. What would you say to your ex if you had the chance? Would you curse at them for all they have done to you? Would you congratulate them on their new relationship whilst a knife twists at your soul? Or would you ignore them?

I had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing my ex after over a year without any contact. The sheer sight of him shook me to my core. My hands shook, my heartbeat accelerated and I felt sick. Why did he still have such a hold over me? This is what angered me. So when I got home I wrote him a letter that I would hypothetically give to him one day.

And here it goes…

Dear Ex,

I sincerely thank you for breaking my heart. You have forced me to become the strong and independent woman I am now. I was tied to you completely and it wasn’t your fault. You were my best friend, my only friend, and when you left its like I had lost a limb. What hurt the most is that you didn’t care that I was alone, whilst you moved on, made new friends and created memories, I was left to reminisce about our memories and nurse a shattered heart without any support.

But I thank you. I put together those shattered pieces, I’m not completely fixed but I am content and able to live on. I know this sounds so dramatic and movie like which is ironic because I know now love isn’t like a rom com. There’s still holes of course, but it doesn’t matter. I have the strength now to go through anything, I have grown thick skin, put up a barrier of courage that I needed before I met you.

Yours never again,

The release this letter had given me was indescribable. I had the power to give this to him and I had the power to not. I was in control of my emotions and he wasn’t anymore. What would you tell your ex if you could?

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