Define Your Own Style

by Taylor Team
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life

Personal style is a trait that we all have. Whether it is aesthetic or hidden, we all have the ability to be as stylish, as chic, and as comfy or as much as whatever we want.

A sense of style is something that isn’t acquired or gained; it’s something that we’re born with, some that grows with us. As we grow older, develop and mature, what we wear tends to reflect that.

We often get caught up in the current trends, the “it” looks and what everyone else is wearing. However, it’s important that we meld and mesh our own style and into our presentation. After all, what’s the point of cutting your hair short cause everyone else is, or wearing a crop top just because Gigi Hadid did in a Vogue shoot?

There is no better feeling than wearing Capri pants because you love the way they look on your body or that fluffy green sweater because of the way you like how it compliments your hair colour.

The only rule for style is to be you. There’s no point is faking it, or being someone you’re not, because the only person your cheating is your own ability to be something great. To be something amazing. To be something chic!

It’s time to be your own Alexa Chung, or Mick Jagger, or Audrey Hepburn or your own you. Because there is no better feeling in the world than being you!

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