Dependable Films & Food For Valentine’s Day

by Irene Falvey
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Valentine’s Day- a day I feel is equally loved and loathed. When it comes to acknowledging celebrations I am actually very selective. Those that I love I really love and those that I hate fill me with copious amounts of dread. I have played scrabble on New Year’s Eve and been an intentionally sober Irish person on St. Patrick’s Day. Yet, I start thinking about Christmas in October and treat myself like a queen every birthday. Valentine’s Day however I don’t have that many strong feelings about. It neither sends me into reactionary hives from the fear of never having a love life nor does it make me want to go on some sort of quest for my one true love.

Personally, Valentine’s Day is just a normal day which brings me closer to my favourite holiday of the year- Pancake Tuesday (a day devoted to Pancakes, in my opinion, reigns superior to all other holidays). However, I am beginning to feel that maybe it is time to start celebrating V-day. I mean celebrating the things you love has to be kind of worthwhile right? For me on Valentines Day I think it best to celebrate something dependable and reassuring. Something that won’t turn up late, be boring or rude, or give you gifts that you have to feign interest in.

For me this faultless combination is the classic collision of a film and food. When selected right these are two of my favourite things- perfect for Valentine’s Day whether to be enjoyed alone or as a themed get together for other Valentine’s Day avoiders. There is often nothing nicer than sitting down and watching a good film. In order to find new films, one of our friends told us about using a proxy from to access more streaming sites and films. Hopefully, this will mean that we can add some new films to this list next year! For now, here are some of my favourite films, combined with a type of food to match. Enjoy!

Joe Versus the Volcano:

Is a rom-com really a rom com without the dynamic duo of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? I think not, and this is just another film which proves it. A vaguely dreamlike, somewhat darkly romantic tale centred on mortality and second chances. A movie which shows you love can turn up at the weirdest times- you may be traveling to a tropical island as human sacrifice who must jump into a volcano but at least you’ll find love along the way.

Food: Chocolate Lava Cake

Instead of sacrificing yourself in a Volcano, sacrifice your will power and indulge in a chocolate lava cake; probably best served with seconds and ice cream – as are most things in life.

High Fidelity:

For many Valentine’s Day is a bitter time which sends you reflecting on that complicated jagged history of your past lovers and all that went wrong. Perhaps you are feeling brave enough to re connect with some of those old diamonds in the rough terrine of relationships gone past. If not, let John Cusack do the work for you as he embarks on a similar feat, done with dry witty charm in this music lovers film.

Food: Eat something sweet and nostalgic from your past, to see if it still tastes as good.

Midnight in Paris:

As a former Literature and French student this one really steals the show for me. Nothing fills me with more joy than knowing that Paris in all its glory exists out there .Could you really ever make such a majestic place even better? Yes, you can by shoving a ton of modernist literary greats in there. This is a playful, romantic movie – best suited to those who are more in love with the idea of pursuing their creative dreams than pursuing significant others.

Food: I think it best to keep up with the Parisian theme food wise. The choice of delectable French food is endless but personally I feel that with a light and fanciful film like this- a tray of enchanting and colourful macaroons is the best fit.

When Harry Met Sally:

There comes a time when you may stop dating someone just because they are nice or you share a car pool with them. You become fussier. You begin to rule out candidates, start creating dating rules and come to realisations – as Harry thinks-maybe you can’t be just friends with the opposite sex? A movie which recognises that sometimes we don’t always want to see the simple choice that is in front of us. We have a right to be as choosey as we want- where is the mystery if love is a simple and straight forward thing?

Food: Make like Sally and order something as picky and particular as possible without any qualms. You should have what she’s having.

Bridget Jones’s Diary:

Perhaps this is a slightly too obvious one- but then again why fix what isn’t broken? Every once and awhile you need to let your brain vegetate over a film script that you probably know inside out (or is this just me?). Bridget Jones for me has become such a familiar thing, it is now something I can put on and sort of just tune out my own thoughts while the familiar scenes unfold before me. Also, if Valentine’s Day has got you a little down, you can definitely feel comparatively good about yourself after watching Bridget clumsily deal with calamity after calamity.

Food: With a classic movie comes classic comfort food. Do as Bridget does and turn to her boyfriends- Ben and Jerry. And if that runs out opt for the irreplaceable combination of a spoon and a jar of Nutella.

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