Dried Flower Bouquets: The Fresh Interior Design Trend That’s So Easy To Achieve

by Olivia Frost

Dried flower bouquets have become increasingly popular especially amongst brides who have been opting for them on their wedding day. Dried flowers are the perfect way to incorporate flowers into your decor, without having to replace them every two weeks.

Of course, there are many places that sell beautiful hand-tied dried flower bouquets, however, if you’re feeling a little more creative, why not create your own! The process can be enjoyed with friends or simply in your own company. Here at Taylor Magazine, we’re all about self-care and what better way to treat yourself than creating something special to brighten up your home!

Here’s a run-down of everything you need to know before you create your dried flower masterpiece!

Choose your flowers wisely

Be sure to choose flowers that are not completely open yet, as they continue to open as they dry. You can pretty much dry any type of flower, however, the ones that work best are lavender, roses, achillea, hydrangea and most types of foliage. Dried flower bouquets work all year round and are the perfect way to switch up your home each season! For spring and summer, brightly coloured flowers such as roses or delphiniums work perfectly to create a pretty yet subtle seasonal decoration for your home. When the weather turns a little colder towards the end of the year, incorporating berries and foliage to your bunch will have your home looking ready for winter!

Choose your method

There’s not just one way to dry flowers, there’s plenty of different options! Experiment with the different methods and find out which one you enjoy the most. To air-dry your flowers you hang your flower bunches upside down in a warm dark location for around 2-4 weeks. It’s important that you’re patient! If you aren’t so patient, then the microwave method may be better for you! All you need to do is place your flowers in a microwave-safe container full of silica gel, place in the microwave with a cup of water for around 2 minutes and then leave to cool for a day. Find out about other fun methods to dry your flowers here!

Choose how you want to display

One of the best things about dried flowers is that there’s so much versatility. Unlike traditional bouquets which have to be kept in vases of water, dried flowers can be displayed in almost any way imaginable!. You just have to have a good imagination and get creative! First, decide where you’d like to display your flowers. once you have decided this you’ll be able to choose how you’d like to display them.

If you’d like to display your flowers in your dining room, create a flower wreath table centrepiece by wrapping your flowers around some binding wire to create your desired shape. It is sure to wow your dinner guests and even more so when you tell them that it’s homemade! If you’re after something a little different and have a blank white wall to fill, create a statement by covering your wall by hanging your dried flowers vertically down it. Add some fairy lights to complete the look!

However you choose to display your dried flowers, you are sure to brighten up your home and give it that much needed freshen up!

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