Editor’s Note: When We Were Young

by Ceylan Kumbarji

Welcome to our second Editor’s Note! We’re only a week away from December and it’s already starting to feel a lot like Christmas here in London. Take a walk in any town centre or Carnaby Street, and you’ll see what I mean. With only 32 days to go, the lights have gone up and stores all around us are decorated with trees and fake snowflakes, getting us in the festive spirit. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a lot of bad news and tragedy all over the world. It’s been heartbreaking and there’s no denying that. But as we said in our weekly round-up, the world has responded with solidarity and love, and we have all been united, trying to spread as much positivity as we can.

Childhood was much simpler

‘When We Were Young’, is a song on Adele’s latest album 25 (which is a perfect Christmas present for anyone). As we remember and honour the lives of anyone affected by recent tragedies, I also want to remind everyone to keep safe and be careful. When we were young, life was much simpler. As a child, you may not fully understand the extent of things happening around you and ultimately, nothing is as stressful. Things are blissful and we are usually oblivious to the tumultuous world around us, but as you get older it’s not possible to avoid the hardships of life.

Appreciate the little things

While we prepare for Christmas and the New Year, it’s important to appreciate our loved ones and the joy in our lives, making sure we don’t take things for granted. Here in the UK, it’s absolutely freezing and everyone has got their scarves, hats and gloves at the ready. But that just means we’ll all be hopeful that it’ll be a white Christmas this year, and the nation will cross their fingers and pray for snow on Christmas morning. Hot chocolate, blankets and advent calendars are all things we can start looking forward to next week. Keep warm and look after yourselves.

Ceylan xo


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