by Ceylan Kumbarji

How can I subscribe to Taylor?

You can subscribe to ‘Taylor Magazine’ by providing us with your name and email address on our “Subscribe” section on this page. We will be sure you’re the first to know when we have anything new and exciting going on!

Can I be a contributing writer?

Of course! We’re ‘Taylored’ for you, so we would love to have you on-board if you have a story to tell or a brain full of great ideas. Email us by clicking here.

Are you hiring?

At present we are looking for London-based Editorial Interns! Email us by clicking here and we would be happy to give you more details on the role.

How do I submit a story to you?

Email us at writers@taylormagazine.com with your ideas and we will be in touch!

What topics should I write about?

Familiarise yourself with our site and once you have a feel for it, you can send us ideas on a range of topics. Anything from relationships to yoga, from chocolate cake recipes to what’s happening this week on Twitter. Feel free to be as creative as you want when sending us your ideas!

Can I remain anonymous if I want to ask Nomi Leasure for advice?

Yes, definitely. When you email/Tweet/Facebook/Tumblr your question to us, just say you wish to remain anonymous and we’ll respect that.

I saw you tweet about ‘Taylored Topics’, what is that?

Ah, we’re so glad you asked! Well, carrying on with this whole ‘Taylored For You’ idea, we want our readers to really feel like whatever content they want is what we give them. So, if you have a topic or theme you want us to cover, get in contact with us either via email or using one of our social media pages and the article will be up on the site within 24 hours. This could be ANYTHING, from recipes to beauty tips.