Fifteen Minutes Of Mindfulness: Utilising Your Work Break To Help You Relax

by Lucy Freeman

Admit it, the first thing you do when you’re on your work break is reach for your phone. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram can be relaxing for some people. But if you’re spending all day staring at a computer screen, using your break to look at another screen isn’t great for your eyes.

And let’s be honest, if you’re anything like me, work might have you feeling rather sluggish. Getting used to your working hours can cause you to feel stressed and exhausted. Whether your work break is fifteen minutes long or even an hour long, you can practice mindfulness to help relax for the rest of the day.


Meditation isn’t always easy to grasp when you’ve never done it before. But there are so many benefits as to why you should start. It can improve your focus, reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and help you relax. If you’ve never meditated before, sitting quietly and letting your thoughts run wild can seem daunting. That’s why meditating for just fifteen minutes in your work break can be a good start. Try to find a quiet space, close your eyes and take your mind to a happy place (mine is always a beautiful tropical beach!). Try to focus on relaxing in this mindful setting and not letting your brain wander off. If you need some help, there are so many YouTube videos to help you practice.

Read A Book

Another brilliant way of getting off your phone on your work break is to read a book. Whenever I read, I’m transported to another world. As soon as I put it down, I feel instantly relaxed. Being caught up in a character’s problems and story completely gets your mind off your own worries and stressful day. In just 15 minutes, you can get through a good few pages!


If you find puzzles and word games difficult, then they might not be a good way for you to relax on your work break. Even though they get your mind thinking and working, it’s a completely different task to what you’re doing at work. Try doing a word search, sudoku, or a crossword to help you get work worries off your mind for just 15 minutes. This distraction can help you clear your mind and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face your working day again positively.

Plan Your Meals

This might sound a bit strange, but planning your meals is so exciting! I’m someone who literally thinks about food all day. If at work, you find thinking about what you’re going to eat for lunch and dinner distracting, then use your 15 minute work break to plan in advance. Not only will it keep you off your phone and away from work stress, you’ll have something to look forward to when you go home!

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