Five Autumnal Kitchen Pieces We’re Loving Right Now

by Catherine Nicholls

It’s officially autumn! We’ve pulled out the blankets and are stockpiling DVDs to cosy up to – now all that’s missing is the comfort food. Hot chocolate? Pumpkins? Crumbles? Yes please. We are so excited to be spending nights in, and what better way to accompany this than a little kitchen makeover? Check out some of our favourite accessories below – we genuinely love all of these items, but just so you know, we may collect a small portion of profit if you make a purchase through the links on this page – but it won’t affect you at all!

Barista & Co 8 Cup Copper Cafetiere

Unfortunately, just because it’s chilly outside and still dark when we wake up, those 9am meetings won’t leave us alone. A good incentive to get out of bed? Coffee. A great incentive? Coffee made in a really cute fashion. This copper cafetière makes up to eight cups of coffee at once, meaning that you’ll definitely be able to get that daily quota of caffeine in. And just look at it! The colour! The wiring! What’s not to love?! Check it out here

Trebs Popcorn and Crepe Maker

This nifty little thing will be on our shopping list for everyone we know this Christmas. It’s a two-in-one popcorn and crepe maker – need we say more? Those weekend mornings will be just a little brighter when you have a crepe to tempt you out of your duvet cave, and those Friday movie nights means that you don’t even have to leave your house for that fresh cinema feel. We’re in love. Check it out here

Sass & Belle Freya Swan Teapot and Cup

So you have your coffee and crepes for a little morning luxury, but what’s to accompany your popcorn? Well, tea, of course. This adorable little swan set will keep you cosy in the chilly weather, and stays warm, too, which means that you might even be able to refrain from turning on that radiator for a couple more days! Adorable AND affordable? There’s nothing better. Check it out here

New York and London At Night Tea Towel

Looking to revamp your kitchen for the season but not quite sure how? These cityscape tea towels are stylish, practical and affordable. Need a reminder of that time you studied abroad? Miss that dream holiday? Just really like capital cities? Hey – these tea towels have got your back. Your kitchen will thank you for it. Check them out here

Botanica Plates

Okay, but how adorable is this dining set?! It’s both sophisticated and stylish – you can have cupcakes with your friends and scones with your mum on them, and they’ll be perfect for both settings. With ornate details such as their scalloped edges and floral decals, you’ll no doubt impress anyone that you serve with these! Check them out here

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