Five Jodi Picoult Books That Will Make You A Booklover

by Leah Berger

Jodi Picoult has an amazing ability to leave you wonderstruck and unable to put her books down. They’re thrilling and raw and definitely leave you feeling really emotional about the story. Her stories seem to envelop the reader and entwine them in the lives of the characters. I felt as though I was personally a part of some of her stories. As though I was sitting there next to the character as they went through the worst moment of their lives. I went through the ups and downs of her stories as if I were experiencing them myself. Any non-reader is bound to be converted by her storylines and plot twists.

As you can see, I am a big fan! Here are a few of my favourites that are bound to transform anyone into a booklover.

Small Great Things

This is a heartbreaking story about a labour and delivery nurse called Ruth Jefferson. Ruths story involves being reassigned after doing routine checks on a newborn because the babies parents are white supremacists and she is African American. An awful incident happens and Ruth is faced with a life-altering decision. Whatever choice she makes she faces legal consequences. Ruth is charged with a serious crime and is advised not to mention race in the courtroom. The case is so obviously centred around an issue of racism so how can she not mention race?

When I read the first chapter of this story I cried. Jodi Picoult took me on a journey where racism caused turmoil in someone’s life. I felt all the ups and downs Ruth faced along the way. She discusses racial inequality, prejudice and privilege in such a moving and captivating story. The heartbreaking events that she writes about in this book are very relevant and still happen today. It is an incredible read that will have you hooked and also open your eyes to a world of racial inequality in everyday life.

Keeping Faith

This is an inspiring story that conveys the controversy surrounding religion. The story begins when faith begins talking to an imaginary friend called her “guard” during her parents’ divorce. Faith has not grown up in a religious home, nor has she ever read the bible, but she remarkably starts quoting the bible and things saints have said. Suddenly faith becomes the bearer of miracles. The religious controversy continues as faith develops stigmata, and partly because Faith insists that God is a woman. Faith draws the attention of the media and soon she has a crowd of people flocking to her for a miracle. Her parents begin a custody battle. The story covers the dramatic and captivating court case as Mariah fights to keep her daughter Faith.

This was the book that ultimately got me hooked on reading. This book sucked me in with all of its plot twists and different angles and spat me out a completely different person. When I read this book I became a book lover.

Second Glance

Throughout this enthralling story, readers are pushed to think about things in a way they never have before. The supernatural, what is beyond the grave and can it come to find us? It all begins in the town of Comtosook when a man tries to sell a piece of land. The Abenaki tribe protest the sale as they insist that the land is an ancient burial ground. In order to prove that there is nothing spiritual about the property a ghost hunter, Ross Wakeman is hired. He is an intriguing character who despite all his bad luck and efforts to kill himself, just can’t die. Ross spends his nights searching for paranormal activity, but all he finds is Lia Beaumont who has an interesting and haunting history that Ross is left to uncover.

This is an eerie tale depicting how things from the past can come back to haunt us. The story forced me to think about the supernatural in a way that I never had before.

My Sisters Keeper

What do you do when your sole purpose in life is to support your sister? This story follows Anna Fitzgerald who sues her parents for medical emancipation when she is only 13. She was genetically engineered to be a bone marrow match for her sister Kate who is slowly dying from leukaemia. Anna has spent her whole life facing multiple transfusions and donations. However, she doesn’t want to donate anymore, she wants a say in what happens with her body. This enthralling story follows the two sisters, as Anna fights a court battle against her mum and Kate slowly gets sicker. The shocking plot twist at the end helps the entire story fall into place and leaves you with wide eyes and a sense of surprise.

Jodi Picoult highlights important ethical issues in this controversial novel. What do you do when one child’s only way to survive is by slowly draining the other.

Handle With Care

This book raises a huge moral dilemma. What if the only way to save the person you love most is to admit that you wished they had never been born? This is a story about Willow a girl who was born with a rare disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. Her life is consists of multiple broken bones and pain because of her illness. Every parent wants a healthy child and maybe Willow’s parents would have wanted one too if they had been given the choice. However, Willow is the most perfect child in the world to them, even if she needs a little extra care. In order to do Willow justice Charlotte, her mother, must ask herself what makes a life valuable?

Jodi Picoult once again makes us think the unthinkable. What do you do when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? I guarantee you won’t be able to put this one down. It is one of those books that you drop your whole life to read. Every spare moment I had I found myself opening up the book and reading a few pages.

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