Five of the Best Beaches in the Samoan Islands

by Johanna Cider

Samoa, an archipelago in the South Pacific, has long been a popular destination for tourists seeking pristine beaches and a relaxed island lifestyle. The main islands of Savai?i and Upolu both possess plenty of their own incredible beaches, but visitors intent on uncovering the country?s hidden gems should consider exploring Samoa?s lesser-known islands. If you plan on visiting Samoa, check out Stevenson resort to find a great place to stay.

Tourists who visit Samoa often take part in beach hopping; the country is relatively easy to navigate, and its islands are each worth visiting for their own unique charm. Here are five of the best beaches on the Samoan Islands to visit if you need a break from city living and hectic lifestyles. Relax and explore! And remember, take a good canopy tent for the beach so you stay safe and protected from those rays! It’s easy to forget how dangerous they can be when you’re having the time of your life.

1. Lalomanu

Picture perfect Lalomanu, located on the island of Upolu, is one of Samoa?s most-visited beaches.

A spectacular spot for snorkeling, Lalomanu boasts waters brimming with sea life, thanks to the lagoon?s status as a protected marine reserve.

Visitors are encouraged to explore Lalomanu?s treasures; vendors offer kayaks for tourists who wish to explore further afield. Visitors who seek an authentic Samoan experience might consider hiring a fale in which to sleep; the traditional thatched hut allows its occupants the unique experience of falling asleep and waking to the sound of the sea.

2. Namua Island

Namua Island, found just a short distance from Lalomanu, provides what is often considered the best snorkeling in Samoa. Thanks to the Island?s lack of human inhabitants, visitors snorkeling on Namua Beach might share the water with only its natural residents. Lucky swimmers often report catching sight of a bale of turtles, which may just be the ultimate Samoan beach experience!

3. Manase Beach

Manase, found on the island of Savai?i, is another of Samoa?s deservedly popular beaches. Its picturesque white sands and clear watershave helped to cement its status as a paradise for visitors; it is often considered along with Lalomanu as one of Samoa?s must-see beaches.

4. Manono Island

Visitors looking for a quieter beach experience will enjoy visiting Manono Island. The island, which is accessible from Upolu, contains no cars or roads on which to drive them; even electricity is a relatively recent introduction here. Visitors to Manono Island may enjoy a leisurely stroll around the tiny island, which can be traversed in two hours. Beaches on Manono Island are expectedly relaxing, with fales again being an excellent source of accommodation; visitors can live much like the locals from Manono?sfour fishing villages, who are also known to sleep in traditional fales.

5. Togitogiga Waterfall and To Sua Ocean Trench

Although Samoa?s beaches are unrivalled, visitors may sometimes prefer to swim in fresh water. Togitogiga Waterfall on Upolu, located in the midst of a tropical garden, cascades into swimming holes in which visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip surrounded by Samoa?s natural flora.

Another swimming hole on many Samoan vacation bucket lists, To Sua Ocean Trench, never fails to impress its many visitors. Accessible by a narrow ladder (although particularly daring individuals may be seen diving into the swimming hole) and surrounded by a vast array of greenery, this natural attraction offers its visitors a novel and relaxing way to wile away an afternoon.

Whether you?re interested in swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathing, you will find beaches in Samoa to match your interests.

Although traditional fale accommodation is popular with tourists, those searching for a little more luxury in their travels are in luck. Samoa contains no shortage of beachfront resorts and hotels that provide excellent meals and opportunities to relax at beachfront bars while taking in idyllic sea views. Whichever form of accommodation you choose for your Samoan holiday, one thing is for certain – after you experience paradise in the form of Samoa?s beaches, you?ll never want to leave!

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