Five Rom-Coms To Watch For Every Occasion

by Olivia Frost

Who doesn’t love a good old romantic comedy and whoever says they don’t are lying! Rom-coms are the ultimate feel-good films that you can put on for any occasion. Whether it’s getting over a breakup or you’re just in the mood for a feel-good sing-along then there are plenty of rom-coms out there for you!

However, there are thousands of romantic comedies out there! So here are my top five to suit every occasion.

Clueless (1995) – For When You Want Fashion Inspo

Cher Horowitz becomes a scheming matchmaker, who takes it upon herself to make-over new girl, Tai, which causes her to get too wrapped up in everyone else’s life to discover her own feelings. Cher’s wardrobe is the ultimate dream for everyone. Not only does Clueless supply you with ultimate fashion envy, but it is also full of moments that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you “aww”. It is the perfect movie to enjoy with your friends if not for the reasons listed above, then definitely for young Paul Rudd!

Notting Hill (1999) – For When You Want To Feel Good

Notting Hill is the perfect solution for cheering you up on a down day! Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant both work so well together and bring their characters to life with the perfect mix of humour and romance. The unlikely relationship between the two; one a Hollywood actress and the other the owner of a travel book shop in Notting Hill, is a timeless love story. Although like no rom-com there are a couple of bumps down the road, this romance has a happy ending, so you’ll finish it feeling content inside.  

Dear John (2010) – For When You Need To Shed A Few Tears

Who does rom-coms better Nicholas Sparks? This classic is definitely one to tug at the heartstrings. The story follows the whirlwind romance between college student Sophie and soldier John – and starts when they meet in the summer, before falling instantly in love. John gets deployed and they have to keep their relationship strong whilst they are apart – all with the help of letters. Their heartbreaking story will have you smiling and crying in equal measures.

The Holiday (2006) – For When You Want To Cosy Up

Although technically a Christmas film, The Holiday is one of those films that will give you the cosy vibes all year round! The Christmassy setting will help you to feel cosy and warm on even the coldest of days. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap decide they need to escape from their home life after both suffering from heartbreak. For the festive period, they find each other’s houses online and decide to do a house swap. However, despite trying to escape from men – they both end up finding love completely unexpectedly. Be prepared for the ultimate Christmas romance with this one!

Grease (1978) – For When You Just Need A Good Singalong

Grease arguably has the most famous soundtrack of any movie out there, so you are sure to know at least a few of the classic hits, even if you’ve never seen it before! You will be singing along throughout and get totally invested in the relationship between Danny and Sandy. Set in 1950’s California, fate brings together Danny and Sandy – who meet whilst Danny is on holiday in Sandy’s native Australia. When Sandy moves to America to attend high school, she soon finds out that Rydell High is in fact the school that Danny attends. With a romance filled story-line and up-beat songs – what more could you ask for!

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