Five Ways To Quieten Your FOMO

by Catherine Nicholls

When it comes to FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out), we’ve all been there – maybe you’re scrolling through Snapchat stories before bed and realise that everyone you know is at a party you weren’t invited to. Maybe you were invited to something and want nothing more than to stay at home wrapped up in a blanket, but go anyway ‘just in case’. It’s hard not to be consumed by FOMO, but by implementing these tips little by little, maybe that night in alone can turn from daunting to detox.

1 – Put down the phone

We both know that constantly refreshing a cycle of apps won’t do anything to help you feel less out of the loop. People only post what looks good, so you’re never going to see anything remotely negative, which’ll only make you feel worse. Understand that everything you see online is filtered and showcased to display the best possible outcome, which most definitely isn’t the reality of the situation. Turn off your phone to resist the temptation of checking, and settle down with a good book or movie.

2 – Accept that not everyone will like you

Here’s one of the hard ones. You see something that you weren’t invited to, and ordinarily, you wouldn’t really want to go anyway. But because you weren’t invited, it makes it ten times more appealing to attend. Do you even like the people there? Do they like you? Recently, I’ve found myself upset about not being asked to join things that other course mates were doing, and then wondered why I even felt like that in the first place. I wasn’t friends with these people, and they had no reason to invite me, yet it still stung nonetheless.

Here’s the deal – not everyone is going to fall at your feet and want to be BFFs. People have different interests and different personalities and yours won’t match with everyone else’s. You won’t be invited to everything, and that’s okay. As long as you’re invited to the things that matter with people that matter – it’s enough!

3 – Me time

Being content in your own company is one of the biggest strengths a person can have. After all, you’re your only constant, right? Relying on others for happiness isn’t healthy for you or for them. Start scheduling time to relax by yourself, reflecting on your week, just figuring out everything that might have been pushed to the back of your mind when other people are present. Enjoy hanging out with yourself – you’re pretty great!

4 – Reflect on what you already have

Yes okay, maybe you’re missing out on something now. But think of all the amazing things you’ve done with your friends so far. Of all the things you’re going to do in the future. So you’re not at that wild party or at that hipster wine bar. You have so many opportunities to do awesome things with awesome people at other points in time!

5 – Initiate!!

Who’s to say that you can’t be the one making the plans and running the social calendar? Yes, it’s scary, but a sure-fire way to eliminate FOMO and know you’re not missing out on things is to organise them yourself. Round up a bunch of old friends, new acquaintances, or ragtag gang of misfits and explore. Be a tourist in your own city, go on a trip, have a movie night! If you’re doing things you enjoy with people you care about, who cares about what everyone else is up to?

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