Four Ways To Brighten Up Your Home For Summer

by Taylor Team

With most of us still spending lots of time at home, it can feel like we stare at the same four walls much more than ever before. But, there are so many ways to brighten up your home for the summer if it feels like it’s time for a refresh. As many of us will be spending more time in our living space, it seems fitting that we make it as nice of a space as possible and make each room feel as inviting and bright as possible. Sometimes, to make these dreams a reality, we need to make big changes and other times, small tweaks will do. If bigger changes need to be made, ensure you gather plenty of quotes from tradesman before going ahead with any home improvements. Resources such as The Cost Shed can help find suitable quotes or you can go to a company directly and compare quotes manually. With quotes, you can make sure you’re paying a reasonable amount for the work you need doing. No matter the budget you might have and whether you want to make big changes or small tweaks, here are some things you can do to bring the summer to you, and brighten up your home, come rain or shine.

Give your walls a new lease of life

Whether you like big and bright or muted and neutral, redecorating your space can lift it up in more ways than you think. If you’re not sure which colour to go for, you can take a paint quiz or order testers to try some out and see which colour you’re best suited to. Paint doesn’t have to be expensive and neither does decorating. Now that some of the homeware stores are back open, it’s the perfect time to have a look at a wall or room that could do with some TLC and get your DIY skills on! If you don’t want to do the painting yourself, simply contact a company like Short Pump Painters to do it for you! Giving your walls a new lease of life might be just what you need to give your living space a bit of a refresh. A simple way to both personalise your space with something that you love, and also brighten up your home is to add art to your walls. Whether you’re looking for an image that depicts a rainy day or a classic California sunset, this is something you can tailor completely to your style. FY has so many options for wall art, including canvas prints, art prints, personalised art, and limited edition pieces. At the moment, we’re loving beach prints and fine art prints of our favourite cities.

Assess your existing space

Before you start buying bits and bobs, assess what you have in your space already. Is it cluttered? Can anything be cleared out to make space? If you find there is quite a lot you could actually get rid of, get prepared! Look into cheap skip bins sydney way, or wherever you are based, so that you can have the old stuff out as quick as possible which can be swiftly followed by the new stuff coming in! This way, you won’t be cluttering up your decorating space by having both old and new furniture or belongings in there with you. Once you’ve decided what to get rid of and an appropriate way to do so, can you move things around to open up the room? If there’s anything that you can gift away or take to charity, this is a really good way to do something with excess furniture that is both sustainable and benefitting others. It will create additional space within your home, and this will make everywhere feel a little bigger and brighter. If you look at your space afterwards and realise you then want to bring in any new furniture or add other bits and pieces, anything new you’ll buy will be items you genuinely want and hopefully, will make good use of. Having a clear-out first means you’ll have all the space you need to do so!

Add splashes of summer colours

Don’t be afraid to add pops of colour and summer textures to your living and sleeping spaces. Think about bright pinks, yellows and blues, and add accents such as woven baskets, wooden elements and plants. Another great addition is throws and blankets. These are all things that are perfect to buy if you’re on a budget and just want to get small little decorative bits that will still make a big change. It’s these things that really help make a space feel like yours, so opt for things that you’ve been eyeing up for a while, or things that are always on your Pinterest boards. Not only do they come in an array of colours and textures, they can be used all year round.

Bring the outside in

Plants have a number of benefits. Not only good for giving a fresh look and feel to a room, they also make the air in your home cleaner. Easy to maintain plants are generally the best, especially if you’re not too experienced with them. Plants like peace lilies, snake plants and succulents require you to just give them a quick water each week. They’ll repay you every day by breathing new life into your home. Whichever feels right for you, there are so many ways to brighten up your home, and summer is a great time to add pops of colour, pretty plants and new staple furniture, depending on what each room and each space needs.

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