French Toast: Breakfast At Its Most Fun And Frivolous

by Irene Falvey

Breakfast is often a meal of drudgery. An enforced meal you eat because you’re scared of the effects of skipping it. The taunts of it being the most important meal of the day allow us to consume very boring, tasteless things day in, day out. The morning is too early for our taste buds to function and few have the motivation to be inventive so quickly after they have removed themselves from bed… and rightly so. Enter, French toast.

For others (those rare morning people), mornings are the only point in the day when they possess enough will power to make healthy eating choices. Breakfast, rather than resembling anything appetising instead sounds like a concoction of health food store ingredients. Good for you? Yes, but tasty? A pretend yes.

So, in general terms this is the landscape of breakfast – there are people who dread it and others that use it as their opportunity to be healthy. But, both of these things are a bad representation of what this meal really could be. When you actually think about breakfast it is quite an important meal. Not just from a health perspective but rather from a symbolic one.

On a day to day basis, we all mess up. We do stupid things, we say stupid things and sometimes, we simply do nothing! But to quote the trite and overused phrase, there’s always tomorrow. And that’s what breakfast really celebrates. Through all the little daily errors we endure, we get another little chance to start again. And as we’re all only human and are bound to make mistakes or not fully appreciate each day, should we not appreciate this more?

One way to appreciate this is to be kind to yourself and have a little fun with what you eat. A little bit of indulgence here and there definitely must do us all some good, no? Undoubtedly, French toast entirely fits the bill of a celebratory breakfast. It involves the best foods; the exciting ones like bread and sugary things. When you go through the little bit of fun work that it takes to make French toast you are definitely being kind to yourself and making your day a little more special. Or at the very least, it beats eating cereal every morning.

Here are my top five favourite French toast recipes:

Basically all recipes follow the basic method of mixing some milk with an egg and vanilla extract for sweet French toast or salt and pepper for savoury. Soak two pieces of bread (brioche is also a tasty choice) in this mixture for a couple of minutes each side, until the mixture is fully absorbed. Fry in butter or oil and on both sides until crispy. Add toppings of your choice.

Brie and Cranberry:


Orange and Chocolate:


Berries, Yogurt and Cinnamon:


Goats cheese, Honey and Walnut:


White Chocolate and Raspberry:


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